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Construction Scanning Services - BIM

Streamlining Design with Construction Scanning Services

It’s no secret 3D laser scanning has recently become a leading trend within the A/E/C industry and its growing popularity is unsurprising.  The impact can be attributed to its many perks, such as: assessing building conditions more accurately, reducing rework, providing more competitive bids, and aiding in the creation of ...
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Three HP Software Solutions to Benefit your Workflow

HP Has several Software solutions available to improve your workflow.  Each are designed specifically for wide format printing devices including: DesignJet T series, Z series, and Pagewide XL. Get to know the function and purpose of each software option, including their potential to boost your productivity and help you achieve ...
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Leica ScanStation P16

Enter the World of 3D Laser Scanning with a ScanStation P16

The Leica ScanStation P16 is the perfect entry into the world of 3D laser scanning, Its attractive price-performance ratio and user friendly interface make it an attractive solution. Even for the non-surveying user. Simplify your workflow and add a ScanStation P16 to your fleet. Request a ScanStation P16 Quote No ...
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NEW HP DesignJet XL

Upgrade to a New HP DesignJet!

Check Out the New HP DesignJet Devices The New HP DesignJet devices are game changing with security, productivity, and quality in mind. Whether you need of a small, yet mighty plotter or an all-in-one complete wide format solution, there is a new HP DesignJet for every office size and work ...
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CompleteIT cloud Network

CompleteIT for Design & Construction

The Cloud Network Built for A/E/C You’re stuck on the jobsite and can’t make it back to your office PC, but you need to review several crucial files. Viewing the large files on your iPhone doesn't cut it. Sound familiar?  CompleteIT to the rescue! Its cloud network provides you with ...
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Dropbox Business

Want a FREE Dropbox Business Trial?

Effective communication is a crucial element in ensuring your project is completed on time and on budget. Unfortunately, email inboxes become overloaded quickly and thumb drives are often lost. That’s where Dropbox Business, a shared cloud-based project space can be a huge asset to your team. Sign Up Today Dropbox ...
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RTC360 Laser Scanner

Redefining As-Builts with the RTC360 Laser Scanner

Revolutionize your AEC As-Builts with the RTC360 Laser Scanner Twenty-four hours. That’s how quickly you can complete laser scanning and return high-value deliverables to project managers when you utilize the RTC360 laser scanner. It’s a substantial improvement over other approaches to produce as-builts and verify existing conditions. People are easily ...
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Cloud-Based IT Network Solution

Is it time to make the switch to a Cloud Network?

Important factors for AEC companies to consider when upgrading to a Cloud-Based Network Solution. The Cloud vs CAD There's been a recent surge of industry chatter regarding Cloud-based IT Networks and apps for the AEC. Understandably, there's a hint of hesitation over jumping head first into fully adopting a cloud-based ...
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Leica BLK360 | LevelTECH

Why You Should Rent the BLK360

The Leica BLK360 is already changing the game for the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industries. It is affordable, easy to use, and provides fantastic data for 3D models. Renting the Leica BLK360 will propel your business into the future. SIMPLE For those who are already familiar with 3D laser scanners, ...
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Printer Security

Dangers of Cyber Threats and Printer Security

Christian Slater, Jonathan Banks and Betty Adewole star in HP: The Wolf - True Alpha, an epic, global hunt about the dangers of cyber threats and printer security, from HP Studios and director Lance Acord. Nothing Is Safe If Your Printers Aren’t HP Secure In the series, Slater systematically hacks ...
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