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You’re stuck on the jobsite and can’t make it back to your office PC, but you need to review several crucial files. Viewing the large files on your iPhone doesn’t cut it. Sound familiar?  CompleteIT to the rescue! Its cloud network provides you with complete mobility.  If you have internet connectivity/WiFi, you can log into your remote desktop work environment and access all your software, apps, and files from anywhere. This makes a huge difference in efficiency as you travel from office to jobsite. CompleteIT’s cloud mobility factor ensures you’ll never miss a beat…Or an email.

Your entire office desperately needs a hardware upgrade. To keep your office running productively, you pay a hefty hourly fee for an IT contractor to come in several days a week for maintenance. To top it all off, your firm is growing and will need more hardware to accommodate new staff. IT upkeep has become an expensive and cumbersome endeavor to maintain. Here’s where CompleteIT has serious cost-saving potential. Plans includes 24/7 support from a full-service outsourced IT team and 100% hardware refresh – all at a monthly cost per month/per user. Get IT support from certified, experienced professionals and the most innovative forms of technology at an affordable cost. Focus less on IT and more on your thriving business.

As data breeches becoming more frequent, you’re getting nervous about your company’s cyber-security. As a trusted business with a solid reputation, you cannot afford to fall prey to a vicious malware attack. CompleteIT has data security features robust enough for the sensitive requirements of the healthcare and financial industries.

As a current client, Dr. Craig Hildreth of CancerCare® is confident that CompleteIT will “continue to adjust and secure our infrastructure to meet the latest HIPAA guidelines as well as keep us secure from attacks.” CompleteIT provides layers of protection that go above and beyond standard cyber-security. When you become a CompleteIT customer, your data is kept at a secure and remote SSAE 18 II Data Center. DNS filtering and Multi-factor authentication are also included as intuitive safeguards to prevent phishing. There are additional features ideal for industries that require compliance and intelligent defense. If security is your priority, look no further than CompleteIT!

As your company grows, your concern for data protection may be growing too. Data loss could be devastating to any business. Much of your company’s data is critical to business continuity and day-to-day operations. In the event of a catastrophe resulting in significant data loss, CompleteIT has your back by guaranteeing that operating systems, data, and applications always remain fully secure. Including a total IT recovery system and cloud backup, CompleteIT is the ultimate data safety net!

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