Cash In Trade Up

Cash In Trade Up and get up to $1,500 cash back when you upgrade your aging plotter to an HP DesignJet!

Cash in trade up to an HP DesignJet wide format plotter and upgrade to speedy production with accuracy, and reliability. 

There is an HP DesignJet plotter that is a perfect fit for your specific requirements. Seamlessly produce high-quality color photos, POP signs, backlits, CAD drawings, GIS maps, presentations, and more!

Why upgrade to an HP DesignJet?

  • Improved performance and security, making it easier for IT to manage
  • Print more in less time
  • Faster file processing
  • Better quality print/image results
  • Great ink efficiency, cutting down on maintenance and production costs

HP DesignJet Plotters available for this promotion:

    • Save $1,500: HP DesignJet Z9+ PRO 64″ Printer (2RM82A#B1K / 2RM82F#B1K)
    • Save $1,000: HP DesignJet Z9+dr 44″ PostScript® Printer (X9D24A#B1K)
    • Save $1,200: HP DesignJet XL 3600dr 36″ Multifunction Printer with PostScript®/PDF 90-day (6KD26A#B1K / 6KD26F#B1K)
    • Save $1,200: HP DesignJet XL 3600dr 36″ Multifunction Printer with PostScript®/PDF 3-year (6KD26H#B1K)
    •  Save $650: HP DesignJet Z6 PRO 64″ (2QU25A#B1K)
    • Save $650: HP DesignJet T2600dr 36″ PostScript® Multifunction Printer (3EK15A#B1K / 3EK15F#B1K)
    • Save $650: HP DesignJet T2600 36″ PostScript® Multifunction Printer (3XB78A#B1K / 3XB78F#B1K)
    • Save $650: HP DesignJet T1600dr 36″ PostScript® Printer (3EK13A#B1K / 3EK13F#B1K)
    • Save $650: HP DesignJet T1600 36″ PostScript® Printer (3EK11A#B1K / 3EK11F#B1K)
    • Save $650: HP DesignJet T830 36″ Multifunction Printer (F9A30A#B1K / F9A30D#B1K)

Eligible trade-in products: Any Canon, ENCAD, Epson, KIP, OCE, Seiko, Ricoh, or Xerox 36-in or greater technical, graphics or LED printer, MFP or copier, and HP large-format printers listed on program chart.

See the HP end of service life guide HERE!