Leica LINO

Get the job done right with the Leica LINO point laser level tools. Spirit levels and string lines have had their day. The Lecia LINO has taken over. With the Leica LINO everything is plumb and perfectly aligned. Now you can project line or points with absolute precision. The time-consuming and tedious techniques of drawing lines and marking points are things of the past. The practical and simple to operate Leica LINO tools are durable and made to fit every scenario. Using a line-dot and plumb laser level makes transferring points across a room easy. Most models will automatically level and plumb and are great for aligning horizontal and vertical planes. This is great for most general construction where finding plumb and level fast is important. Above all, it saves time. Make your work easier. Browse the extensive line of Leica LINO self-leveling products.