HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro

HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S2


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The HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S2 beautifully captures reality.

The enhanced structured light scanning technology of the HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S2 creates precise 360° 3D models of even the most complex items.

• Digitize reality with exceptional precision with up 0.05% resolution of scan size

• Create 360° 3D scans in seconds with easy single click scanning

• Fast scanning; seamless modeling

• Flexible, scalable and highly mobile


• Industrial HD camera with high quality lens

• HD camera enables capturing objects in complete stereo vision to achieve greater precision and clarity for 3D scans or with extended view

• Video projector with special lens for large focal range, including remote control

• USB Dongle with 3D Scan Software Pro v4

• Sliding rail (Aluminum)

• Camera slider

• High quality tripod

• Calibration panels printed on both sides for multiple scan volumes

Minimum System Requirements: 

• 3D graphics adapter

• Available VGA or HDMI port

• Two available USB ports

• .NET Framework 4.6

Additional information

Weight25.52 lbs
Dimensions12.71 × 24.13 × 8.22 in


• Scan size: 60-500 mm

• Resolution/Precision: Up to 0,1% of scan size (down to 0,06 mm)

• Scanning time: One single scan within a few seconds

• Mesh density: up to 1,200,000 vertices per scan

• Export formats: OBJ, STL, PLY

Download Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet


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