Solutionix TA-300+ Turntable

Solutionix TA-300+ Turntable


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Easily auto-scan with the TA-300+ Turntable. 

The TA-300+ Turntable, 3-axis automatic turntable, is optimized for automatic scanning of small and medium-sized objects. It can handle objects up to 10 kg in weight and 380 mm x 320 mm (W X H) in size. Thanks to the compact design of the TA300+, it is possible to work in cramped conditions without any difficulty.

Additional information

Weight10.12 lbs
Dimensions7.81 × 5.78 × 6.45 in


• Rotation Axis : Provides ± 180° movement

• Rotation (Base) Axis : Provides ± 180° movement

• Swing Axis : Provides ± 40° movement

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