BLK360 Case Study: Arcadis Utilizes RPG’s Rental Program

How RPG’s Rental Program Helped Arcadis to Collect Accurate Measurements and Reduce Errors

Why Choose RPG?

When the time came to explore the option of renting a Leica BLK360 for their project, Arcadis found that the RPG rental program provided the most comprehensive package with all necessary peripherals and software to get started. Arcadis also discovered the pricing to be competitive and the program itself to be flexible. RPG seamlessly worked with the Arcadis legal team to develop terms the company could accept. Arcadis reports the rental package provided, including RPG’s BLK360 User Guide, was in excellent condition and enabled Arcadis to quickly get started.

Who is Arcadis?

Arcadis is the leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets. Applying their deep market sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services, they work in partnership with their clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes throughout the life cycle of their natural and built assets. They are 27,000 people active in over 70 countries dedicated to improving the quality of life.

Why Choose the BLK360?

A Process Designer at Arcadis learned about the BLK360 during a BIM training. Another engineer saw a demonstration at a digital boot camp program. Although Arcadis owns several scanners, their purpose is surveying and unlike the BLK360, they do not provide colored point cloud data. In addition to its accuracy, a star feature that attracted them to the BLK360 was its ease of use. Despite being first time users, engineers who completed scans with the BLK360 found it to be user-friendly, with the added help of RPG’s Professional Services team.

Project Overview

Arcadis tackled a challenging wastewater treatment plant project that involved the routing of several large pipes through an area that was already heavily crowded. The pipes were mainly being routed via underground tunnels, posing another obstacle. Due to these challenges, there was a sizable risk of collecting unreliable dimensions, overlooking crucial details, and making several time consuming trips to the field as a result. Arcadis needed an accurate and efficient solution to design around the existing facilities, while avoiding design conflicts

Project Goals

The primary goal Arcadis set out to achieve with the BLK360 was to avoid any interference by comparing the newly modeled pipe to the point cloud data generated by the BLK360. Additional benefits include:

      • Collect accurate measurements and reduce the risk of errors due to inaccessible areas within the project site.
      • Improve overall efficiency by avoiding repeated trips to the field.
      • Use point cloud data as a reference point to gather additional information as needed.

To view the phases of this project and results, read the entire Arcadis Case Study.

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