Redefining As-Builts with the RTC360 Laser Scanner


Revolutionize your AEC As-Builts with the RTC360 Laser Scanner

Twenty-four hours. That’s how quickly you can complete laser scanning and return high-value deliverables to project managers when you utilize the RTC360 laser scanner. It’s a substantial improvement over other approaches to produce as-builts and verify existing conditions.

People are easily achieving a 60% time savings and are able to deliver information the architects and engineers can work from the very next day. Therefore, giving them a huge advantage in overall production.

Redefining As-Builts with Point Clouds

The secret to RPG’s high-speed scanning operation is a combination of hardware, software and exploration. It started with a BLK360. Working with point clouds was initially overwhelming, but with support from Leica we quickly grew our laser scanning skill. RPG quickly added a P16, many more BLK360’s and an RTC360. As a result, a single person can quickly and accurately capture measurements for site surveys, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) documentation and as-builts. This saved a lot of time compared to sending a half-dozen engineers and architects to the jobsite with paper, pencils and tape measures.

Transforming Turnaround with In-Field Registration

Before the RTC360, on a typical project, a team can capture about 400 to 500 scans. With most laser scanners, the point cloud data from the scans then need to be aligned or registered in the office before it can be exported to a useful deliverable. Although software advances have made the registration process faster and more intuitive, it still takes time, which no one has.

With the RTC360, most of the registration work is completed as the scans are captured. Through a visual inertial system, or VIS, which uses five cameras or “eyes” and an inertial measurement unit (IMU), the laser scanner is able to “see” its surroundings and produce an accurate station-to-station position in the field. The scanner also supplements the point cloud data with high-quality HDR imaging. As a result, the work required in the office is practically eliminated.

The time savings from the ultrafast scanning and in-field registration have transformed the ability to deliver valuable information quickly. And with accurate 3D data there are no missed measurements or errors, which eliminates rework.

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