Enter the World of 3D Laser Scanning with a ScanStation P16

The Leica ScanStation P16 is the perfect entry into the world of 3D laser scanning, Its attractive price-performance ratio and user friendly interface make it an attractive solution. Even for the non-surveying user. Simplify your workflow and add a ScanStation P16 to your fleet.

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No matter the application, the ScanStation P16 can cut costs and save your company time. Scanning roads, intersections and bridges in high resolution has never been easier. High accuracy data and dense point clouds combined with processing software makes survey work easier than ever. Additionally, the P16 enables you to easily to control construction phases of a project. With the precision of 3D data and 3D CAD data it is possible to control the process, therefore, avoiding costly errors or delays.

  • Easy-to-Use: The P16 features an intuitive and user-friendly touch screen interface. The one-touch scan button and wizard style software guarantee an easy workflow. This enables a fast data check in the field. Additionally, the ScanStation P16 can be operated by any handheld device.
  • Value for Money: Its attractive price-performance ratio, worldwide support and quality service support from RPG result in a low cost of ownership. The ScanStation P16 is the perfect solution for companies entering the laser scanning business.
  • Reduced Downtime: The extremely durable new laser scanner performs even under the toughest environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, and complies with the IP54 rating for dust and water resistance.

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