HP PageWide XL Demo

Check out the HP PageWide XL demo and learn about its many productivity enhancing features!

The first thing you’ll notice during the PageWide XL demo is its speed. It is fast. And the speed is not just an incremental improvement. It is revolutionary.

With most printers, the printhead needs to pass over the paper to print that section. Some printers have used multiple printheads to reduce the amount of space each head will need to cover. With the PageWide XL, there are eight printheads and those heads don’t have to move. This allows for lightning fast print speeds even at higher quality range.

While the PageWide XL does not market itself as an art level graphics printer, the results are very close to slower, higher quality printers.

The other notable feature is the seemingly easy maintenance. The printheads are designed to last for over a million square feet. And when they do need to be replaced, it is a snap out and snap in operation.

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