COVID-19 Updates

As we respond to the impact of COVID-19 on our operations, we realized from managing safety of our workforce to capitalizing on available relief, our community has plenty to work through during the pandemic and the subsequent recovery. Complications and setbacks might keep coming, too, as companies struggling financially now might delay major construction projects going forward. We are here to share tools and resources to create the appropriate workflow and response depending on how your business and operations are impacted. Together we can safely look ahead.

Since the pandemic’s onset, RPG has created a COVID Response Team to guide ourselves, our clients, our partners and our community through this difficult time. The team, which includes our President, Vice President, and members of our leadership team, focuses on these critical components: safety and security, information gathering, strategy, operations, and finance.  This purpose of this team is to develop new solutions and tools and define safety protocols that adhere to the recommendations and orders of the CDC, state, and Federal jurisdictions. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and ability to allow everyone to continue to work safely.

RPG quickly revised our onsite and project security and safety protocols to ensure our frontline workers can perform in a safe environment. Our guidelines are based on the following project mandates:

  • Enforcing the six-foot rule is critical to personal safety on our sites. We’re taking aggressive steps to ensure this standard is upheld by reducing jobsite density whenever possible. Jobsites are instituting shift work, staggering start times, rotating project teams, holding essential meetings outdoors, and increasing the size of break areas. RPG has provided digital displays and mobile jobsites at all locations, both permanent and temporary, to ensure all information is viewable by all employees without breaking the six-foot rule.
  • Every RPG project has established mandatory screening checkpoints with a Temperature Scanning Kiosk where employees are required to answer a series of questions to identify the potential risk of exposure and pass a temperature screening. Results are safely secured and analyzed by pertinent personnel to ensure all  trends and at-risk jobsites are accurately tracked.
  • RPG has designed and produced special COVID-19 signage to communicate standards and protocols in both English and Spanish.
  • Our standard security and safety protocols require a face covering and high visibility safety vest and/or jacket, and hard hat  at all times when on an RPG  project site. In addition, each employee has access to hand sanitizer and medical gloves.
  • We’ve enhanced our standards for cleaning our offices and vehicles. Restrooms are disinfected frequently.