Equipment Sales/Leasing/Rental

RPG provides a wide variety of exceptional technologies, products, and services. We’re focused on cutting costs, improving workflow, and minimizing risk. We don’t offer any goods or service unless we believe it fulfills these three areas of focus.


IT Network Management

Are you looking for a better IT solution? With RPG’s IT Network Management you can relax knowing your network is being monitored 24/7 and ensure that your data is protected, secure, and accessible at all times.


Security & Safety

Jobsites can be chaotic and dangerous places for everyone involved. Accidents are all too common, and theft is shockingly prevalent. A well-managed jobsite is one that both prevents theft and mitigates risk.


Technology Solutions

RPG’s goal is to help you shrink deadlines, cut costs and maintain greater control over production quality. Similarly, our technology solutions acquire data faster, reduce risk, and track progress in real-time. Above all, it can decrease human error. We have you covered from design through construction, and after.

As smart buildings and energy-saving commercial establishments are gaining traction, design and construction professionals are ever more persevered to invest in newer technologies and environment-friendly on-site project delivery methods. We are here to help. Technology is quickly advancing and it is hard to keep up. As you become familiar with the current technology there is a newer and more efficient process going live. Don’t worry. RPG stays current on the latest technology to make sure you have access to the tools you need to complete your job on time, and on budget.

Our technology solutions easily integrate into your current workflow, no matter if you’re in an office environment or the field. We provide architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure. Furthermore, our technology solutions allow our customers to increase productivity, improve collaboration, and tackle more complex projects.

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Have questions about our Technology Solutions? We would love to help you customize a solution that best suits your needs! Feel free to call us at (800) 521-6319. Rather send us a message? You can reach us by email at, or fill out a contact form. Let us help you find your perfect RPG solution.