Mobile Jobsite

What is the key to success in construction? Deliver projects on time and on budget. Get projects off the ground faster with a mobile jobsite that improves communication at the office and in the field.

Why wait to install wired communications onsite when a mobile jobsite can get your crews working on day one? Quickly connect your devices, office locations and workers, where and when they’re deployed.



A Customizable, Mobile, Secure, Jobsite Collaboration Center

A step above the traditional jobsite protection device, the RPG BIMbox provides a highly mobile jobsite connectivity solution. Access empowering productivity and digital collaboration anywhere.

You can sync various devices at a jobsite through wireless and direct connectivity. It is compatible with wireless routers and PCs for customization.

The RPG BIMbox enables BIM access directly at the jobsite with an on-board, touchscreen TV and multi-product adaptability.

The quality steel box is built to protect against theft and resist jobsite conditions.

Above all, reach nearly every job on the construction site during any stage of the project.


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RPG PlanView Plan Table

RPG PlanView™ Plan Table

RPG PlanView Plan Table w/ Controller

A Perfect Solution for Interactive Businesses 

Whether you’re looking to annotate existing plans, create new plans or review documents, spreadsheets and more, RPG’s PlanView™ Plan Table can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

This multifunctional, mobile, electronic plan table allows you to:

  • Work in AutoCAD and other commonly used industry programs
  • Email plans and documents directly from the PlanView Plan Table
  • Gain a 3D, interactive perspective of your plans
  • Easily move your plans and data from room to room
  • Work solo or in groups by adjusting the height or adding tilt, all at the touch of a button

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Ruggedized Tablets

XPLORE F5M Rugged Tablet PC

The Rugged Jobsite Worker

We know your work day doesn’t revolve around sitting at a desk with your feet up. You’re on them all day and need an ally that can stick by your side.

The XPLORE F5M Field-Ready Rugged Tablet PC delivers high-end, lasting processing power in an efficient and ruggedized package. The rugged tablets’ processors has the highest performing Intel i7 vPro processor, with the power to quickly move through computation-intensive applications and increase overall power efficiency.

The F5M rugged tablet is perfect for real-world mobile computing tasks. Jobsite and construction workers will have the necessary tools to reduce data capture errors and improve real-time communication. As a result, you have better decision making and labor cost savings.

  • Rugged and Field Ready Tablet
  • Ergonomic and Easy to Use
  • Improved Data Accuracy
  • Adaptable to its Environment
  • Enterprise Class Security

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Stylistic V535 Industrial Tablet

Designed to Fit Individual Industrial Requirements

The Fujitsu Stylistic V535 Tablet enables new levels of productivity in industrial settings. It is built for rough environments thanks to a water and dust resistant yet lightweight design, combined with an 8.3″ display with toughened glass. Ultimate connectivity and navigation options and a long battery run time let you stay connected anywhere. Easy integration and security via Windows 8.1 and TPM. The Fujitsu Smart Shell concept is designed to fit to individual industrial requirements.

  • Easy integration into customers’ existing infrastructure
  • Discover new levels of productivity in industrial and retail settings
  • Individualization to industry and customer specific requirements
  • Full-day productivity
  • Access to data from everywhere, even enabling professional and highly accurate navigation

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Portable Data Networks

Portable Data Network

Simple, Secure & Rugged

The ability to have real time digital-data communications in emergency situations, training, community events and more has changed the face of technology. The Portable Data Network (PDN) ensures due diligence to support an industry’s best practices, policies and compliance. Stay connected in nearly any situation. 

The PDN is a Closed Case Solution. Translation: it is extremely user friendly.  The case functions in a closed, latched position where it’s ease of use is as simple as pressing a button. Simply turn the case on and bring the network up.

  • Quick and efficient, secure network
  • Portable, rugged, and weather resistant
  • Wireless network-in-a-box and WiFi hotspot
  • Easy to use: push button to activate network

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