Facilities Management Services

RPG Digital Print Solutions has been providing complete reprographic services for one of the largest Architectural and Engineering firms in the Washington, DC area for over 7 years. We have 4 full-time on-site staff supporting over 350 employees. If you are considering outsourcing your in-house operations, or looking for alternatives to your current vendor, please give us a call. We offer free half-day consulting services on how to choose the right company for your on-site services.

Here are some of the questions to ask your current or potential provider. Find out what they have to say, then give RPG a call.

Critical Questions to ask potential vendors when considering on-site services.

  • How long will it take for you to be up and running in our location?
  • Will you be installing new, used, or reconditioned equipment?
  • Do you have your own service technicians, or do you contract with another firm for service?
  • If you do provide your own equipment maintenance, how many factory-trained service technicians do you have?
  • Where is your spare parts warehouse located?
  • Where is your supplies warehouse located?
  • What size are your credit lines with your supplies and equipment vendors?
  • Will we be charged on a per-sheet or per-squarefoot basis?
  • What software do you use for account tracking?
  • Will you help us with networking and print queue setup?
  • Will you help with installing and configuring print drivers?
  • Can you assist with AutoCAD and MicroStation plotting issues?
  • Can you assist with color calibration of our printers, scanners, and monitors?
  • What will be the speed, resolution, and color depth of the provided equipment ?
  • Are your on-site staff trained in equipment maintenance and troubleshooting?
  • Will you change toner and paper on our unattended equipment, or will our staff do it?
  • Will you submit invoices with all project and job-related charges?
  • How will you provide support for after-hours and weekends?
  • Can you provide document management and version control?

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