Reality Capture Services

Reality Capture Services

RPG has a highly experienced team of professionals delivering exceptional reality capture service with a fast response time, technical expertise and long-term client commitment. You can trust our team to provide the best experience in laser scanning by walking you through the entire process from pre-planning to final deliverables. RPG brings expertise in many areas, including engineering, architecture, information technology, and construction. Having this combination of knowledge is integral to providing you with the best laser scanning service and deliverables that save your team time and money on your project.

At RPG, we use up-to-date software to analyze and deliver the point cloud data in the way you need it. We offer high-definition 3D laser scanning for accurately capturing 3D data in a wide variety of settings, regardless of size and surface features. We can survey large-scale structures providing you with high definition 3D data quickly. We can provide electronic deliverable in the format you want it in, from raw point cloud data to labeled color models.

Onsite Data Capture

Scanning technologies are revolutionizing the way we work. Civil construction professionals are taking advantage of jobsite scanning tools, such as drone data capture and 3D laser scanning. Because not only are these methods faster than traditional survey methods, but above all, cheaper too.

Furthermore, you can take a more detailed look inside your project. 3D laser scanning can give you millimeter accuracy data on pretty much everything. This allows you to visualize and check the build against the design. Therefore, allowing to make corrections as you go, thus avoiding significant time and cost!

At RPG our trained personnel and licensed pilots understand the importance of accurate data collection. Therefore, we offer both d 3D scanning services and drone data capture. Our reality capture specialists have worked on a wide range of projects. From historic preservation and renovation, to new construction and building inspections – we’ve tackled it! Our scanning services are an ideal 3D as-built documentation solution for any building project’s needs

    • On-site 3D scanning of your site that is virtually unlimited in size and environment
    • We can scan in broad daylight, the dark of night, indoors, outdoors, almost anywhere
    • Receive complete documentation of existing as-built conditions
    • Obtain permanent records for immediate or future use
    • Save hours and cost by reducing your time with cameras and measurement devices
    • Increase safety in hazardous locations
    • Scan and replicate ornate sites and details
    • Verify architecture of floors, walls, buildings and more – great for the AEC/AEP world!

Our process is easy and straightforward.

    1. Scan (Data Collection & Documentation): We use state-of-the-art reality-capture techniques to collect spatial data that is accurate and detailed.
    2. Extract (Data Extraction & Modeling): Depending on the needs of the client, architectural, structural, electrical, and HVAC components can be extracted and modeled from the data. Models are developed in Autodesk Revit and can be delivered in a variety of formats.
    3. Deliver (Data Export): We can provide deliverables in several formats to best suit the needs of the client. Typical formats include coordinated Revit models, CAD drawings, orthophotos and web-shared hosted point clouds.
    4. Maintain (Data Storage & Maintenance): We provide the tools and accessibility your team needs to collaborate effectively, throughout the life cycle of the project. We store your big data safely and securely and are ready to add to it whenever you are.

As-Built Documentation

As-builts are the foundation of any great project. If you are an AEC professional who would like to plan smarter, foresee obstacles and reduce change orders, you need to make sure the documentation you’re getting is second to none.

RPG’s as-builts are far from out of the box. Though we capture every detail in sight, we understand you probably don’t need it all.

From the beginning, we take the time to learn more about your project goals so the product we deliver is usable for you and is exactly what you need to get your job done.

Our BIM experts have a wealth of architectural experience and produce CAD and Revit files with a designer’s eye in mind. Whether you need a simple AutoCAD file for a multiple-family structure or a highly complex Revit model of a destination resort, RPG has you covered.

Here are a few deliverables we offer:

    • 2D AutoCAD
    • 3D Revit
    • 3D Point Cloud
    • 3D Mesh
  • Clash Detection
  • Construction Verification
  • Floor Flatness/Floor Leveling Reports

3D Hosting

Introducing a user-managed, project and data management solution for the reality capture market, delivering a simplified enterprise-level management and collaboration platform. You can control user and data management from a simple online, browser-based admin portal with seamless integration with all major CAD products from Hexagon, Autodesk, Bentley, AVEVA, Dassault Systems and others, delivering rich reality capture-based feature extraction and analysis workflows.

Best of all you can access via a desktop viewer as well as the no-install online viewer for quick viewing and collaboration from anywhere on any device.

Provide access to users on a group, sub-group or project basis so you have confidence in the security of your data. Users gain safe, secure access from anywhere on any device.


At RPG, we are interested in our user’s efficiency, proficiency and productivity. By completing training, catered to your specific needs, users will quickly master our products and understand simple to advanced software features to collect data more quickly in the field and produce better deliverables in the office.

Standardized Materials and Curriculum: RPG provides a comprehensive framework to ensure that users of our 3D Laser Scanning products are provided with the knowledge and skills required to use the Leica hardware and software efficiently, accurately, and above all, with proficiency.

Certified Trainers: Instructors are industry professionals with expertise to provide group instruction and individual assistance that cater to every aptitude and background. Each Certified Instructor is qualified and able to transform technical issues into understandable concepts.

Our team of trainers can be engaged to provide hardware and software training for your organization in three ways:

    1. You can attend one of our prescheduled classes. Please call us at (800) 521-6319 for dates and details. Attendees will need to bring a laptop. All other materials will be provided by the trainer.
    2. Your organization can engage one of our trainers to travel to your location for onsite training. Please call us for a quote.
    3. Your organization can engage one of our trainers for virtual training. Please call us for a quote.


Not sure where to start? No problem. RPG is here to help you navigate your construction scanning project. Our specialists can help determine which hardware and software best suits your project’s needs and answer questions that might arise at any stage of the project.

We provide technology and enhanced process consulting for your organization that keeps pace with current technology and, supports your goals. RPG can advise you on the selection and implementation of options to best meet your goals.