Why Choose RPG

The digital disruption is upon us and now is the time to pick and choose what processes, programs, software, services and technologies will make design and construction firms better – not bankrupt.

Let us know what pains, frustrates, and challenges you and we’ll customize a solution designed around your needs and current problems.

27 Years and Counting

With more than 27 years of supporting the construction industry, we have manufacturers, distributors, and developers knocking at our door. We’ve parsed and prodded information and products to produce manufacturer-agnostic solutions with staying power and committed support services.



We look at the industry and see the digital data fluency gap. We help all types of firms get handy in exchanging information and data that works best for them. Whether you’re designing on a napkin or hand-highlighting construction plans, we’ll hone in on the achievable change that will get you more projects success.


Problem Solvers

Solutions is a word that makes some run the other direction. Sounds like consulting. Or very expensive. We provide you the support you need for business growth and technology solutions. Do you have a wish list for your business that hinders growth? We provide the perfect solutions that are customizable to your needs.


Our Partners Include