Software & Solutions

HP PageWide

From specially designed HP wide format software and accessories, including scanning and finishing solutions, to workflow tools from industry-leading partners, the right workflow solutions can help you get the most out of your HP PageWide XL and HP DesignJet printers.

HP Click

Radically simple printing experience for HP DesignJet and HP PageWide XL printers. With one click, you can print the most common formats like PDF, JPEG, TIFF, DWF, HP-GL/2 files from a PC or Mac and produce a wide range of applications. Automatic features simplify your workflow, optimize media usage and reduce your costs.

EASY: Radically Simple Printing

  • One-click printing
  • Real-print preview
  • Drag and drop multi-page and multi-size PDFs

SAVE: Optimize Media Usage & Costs

  • Auto-orientation
  • Automatic nesting
  • PDF error check

DO MORE: Produce a Wide Range of Applications

  • From posters and roll-up banners to CAD drawings and maps
  • Print from Windows, Mac OS to HP DesignJet and HP PageWide XL 3900 and 4×00 Printer series

HP SmartTracker

Gain control over your printing costs and turn them to your advantage. HP SmartTracker is a powerful, consolidated data tracking and reporting software that helps you analyze your printing costs, and enables reimbursement. You can be assured all your print jobs are assigned correctly — while saving time. HP SmartTracker software is only compatible with Original HP ink supplies.

With HP SmartTracker, you can consolidate tracking and reporting across multiple HP printers.

  • Avoid manual data entry and easily merge data from HP SmartStream/HP Click/driver/front panel/MFP
  • Assign jobs by print user, project, and department, or edit the categories to fit your workflow
  • Get secure print job assignment, with optional password-protected categories that help prevent errors
  • Consolidate tracking and reporting data across multiple HP PageWide XL printers
  • Get the complete detail — you can access the source data on a per-page basis

HP SmartStream

Your production workflow, two times more efficient. Help turn operator efficiency into operating profit on HP PageWide XL and current HP DesignJet production printers with HP SmartStream job preparation and processing software. Respond faster and serve your customers far better with ultra-fast file processing. Take the challenge out of printing PDFs, finish jobs in 50% of the time and add key efficiencies for both monochrome and color production.

  • Ultra-fast HP SmartStream Preflight Manager file analysis and processing
  • Reduce reprints — native PDF management with Adobe PDF Print Engine 42
  • Easily distribute the HP SmartStream configuration into different workstations — presets, hot folders, printers
  • Make sure files are produced reliably with the automatic detection of potential issues
  • Undock the preview to organize HP SmartStream according to your needs
  • Manage your HP PageWide XL, HP DesignJet production printers, and non-HP large-format printers
  • Preview color just as it will print with HP Crystal Preview Technology

HP Applications Center

HP’s free and easy to use poster creation application. HP Applications Center is a modular solution used by hundreds of companies worldwide to boost their web to print business. Simple Integration through external hyperlink. Just simply go to the Settings after registration and get your personalized hyperlink to design and visualization tools.

  • Easy online access, anytime, anywhere
  • Cloud-based tool accessible from any web browser
  • Updated, modern, creative designs
  • Intuitive user interface with automated workflow
  • Print directly to an HP Large Format printer with HP Click, HP SmartStream, Onyx, Caldera, ColorGATE, Ergosoft, and more
  • Millions of free and premium photos, vector graphics and patterns from Unsplash, Adobe Stock, Vecteezy, Pattern Design, and more
  • File resolution checker to avoid pixelation

Serendipity Blackmagic

Blackmagic is all the proof you need. Achieve color consistency for your printing and scanning devices with Serendipity Blackmagic, a proofing solution designed for demanding press and print environments.

Based on a color management system honed by decades of print industry experience, Blackmagic automatically assembles press plate files for proofing directly from your CTP RIP.

We understand commercial printing is complex. Multiple presses and substrates. Multiple printers for producing proofs. Print-on-demand work to a vast array of media types. We know you want fast, efficient, and above all, accurate proofs. Proofs that don’t interrupt your workflow, and that precisely reproduce any press process.

Serendipity Blackmagic is compatible with most major manufacturers, including HP, Océ, Canon, Epson, Windows, Mac, and more!