Say hello to BricsCAD – the most cost-effective CAD software with DWG compatibility and flexible licensing on the market.

Own your software, reduce costs, and get fast 1-click workflows. Transitioning from AutoCAD to BricsCAD is easy. Import your current customizations in minutes. Leverage what you already know with full command, script, macro, and menu compatibility. BricsCAD is a modern, cost-effective and familiar CAD design platform. Its’ time to change the way you buy and use CAD.

More Than an AutoCAD Alternative

  • DWG compatible: BricsCAD opens and saves DWG files directly, delivering the highest degree of compatibility with AutoCAD. You never have to worry about compatibility issues or loss of data between systems.
  • Automatic configuration and customization transfer: In BricsCAD, all your standard configurations and custom apps still work (i.e., CTB/STB files, layer states, templates, utilities, etc.).
  • No forced subscriptions, only flexible licensing: Enjoy a flexible CAD licensing model. Choose between perpetual licenses or subscriptions, network or standalone. You can also mix them to get an environment that makes sense for you.
  • Instantly familiar to AutoCAD users: BricsCAD has full command, script, macro, and menu compatibility with AutoCAD 2022. Your current menus, scripts, and LISP routines will run directly with zero changes when you make the switch. You won’t have to change your standard printers, templates, blocks, or sheet sets. Use your muscle memory to get started and within an hour, you will be proficient!
  • Intelligent CAD tools: BricsCAD isn’t just an AutoCAD alternative. It’s a rapidly evolving CAD software that incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help improve your workflows.

Compare BricsCAD with AutoCAD

BricsCAD Lite

BricsCAD Pro


License flexibility (Perpetual, subscription, network multi-user, etc.)

Native DWG file format (through AutoCAD 2022)
Industry standard commands, aliases, and variables
Command Line (Autocomplete, Mid-string, Clickable options)
Intelligent Contextual Quad Menu

AI-powered tools such as COPYGUIDED and BLOCKIFY

Solid and Surface Modeling

Full LISP Support (vl, vlr, vla and vlax)
Parameters and constraints across both 2D and 3D

Point Cloud Preprocess, Attach, Crop, Colormap

*Please note: If you request a free trial, we will need to touch base with you and confirm your information before it begins*