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Imagine for a moment, that you have easy access to experts skilled in maintaining equipment health, controlling operating costs, and identifying operator training opportunities. How much more do you think you could get done if RPG handled your device monitoring and management?

Now imagine you could have all of this, the equipment monitoring, maintenance, repairs and supplies, and all without adding headcount. If anything, you’d be freeing up your internal resources. It sounds great, right?

Because this is exactly what you’d get with RPG’s Device Monitoring and Management Services. We can help you get a better handle on performance benchmarks, identify areas for improvement, and keep your assets operating at the highest level.

Preventative & Predictive Maintenance

Unplanned breakdowns are costly and lead to delays. But most breakdowns can be avoided by acting proactively and employing predictive maintenance. RPG directly monitors the condition and performance of your equipment during normal operation, helping you avoid expensive surprises. We attempt to keep costs low by reducing the frequency of maintenance tasks, reducing unplanned breakdowns and eliminating unnecessary maintenance.

Many organizations spend their time reacting to issues rather than proactively preventing them. Predictive and preventative maintenance helps foresee failures and actively monitor performance. As a result, it saves time and money.

Organizations that commit to a predictive and preventative maintenance program can expect to see significant improvements in asset reliability and a boost in cost efficiency, such as:

    • Reduction in maintenance costs
    • Decline in breakdowns
    • Reduction in downtime
    • Increase in production

Break/Fix Repair

Having major technical problems with your equipment? We can help! RPG will keep your equipment running with flexible, fast, and reliable our on-site repair solutions for your office equipment – including printers and scanners.

Manage your hardware and software with complete on-site and break/fix solutions tailored to your unique business requirements. Using our on-site repair solutions, your equipment will be back up and running quickly, reducing costly downtime. Your hardware will be repaired by a licensed, certified technician who is vetted through a rigorous qualification process.

    • Certified and trained technicians
    • On-site hardware and software troubleshooting and repair
    • Hardware replacement options and parts
    • Customizable service level agreements

You can schedule a service call via our website, email, or phone. Keeping your business running strong is our priority, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

We service most makes, models, and types of printers from major manufacturers, like:All Logos

Comprehensive or Cost per Copy

Keep Your Equipment in Top Shape with an RPG Equipment Service Contract!

Unexpected breaks are costly. They can set you back days or weeks and cost you big. And when the broken equipment is as vital to your business as your printer or plotter, costs can spiral quickly.

However, our Equipment Service Contracts can help you prevent those big setbacks, and keep you running. Our philosophy is simple. Instead of waiting for big breakdowns to happen, we act preemptively with routine, ongoing maintenance plans. We also commit to predictive maintenance. The combined result of this approach is both cost-effective and helps to prolong the life of your equipment for years to come.

Comprehensive Maintenance: Most RPG clients who purchase or lease equipment from us also sign up for an RPG Comprehensive Service Plan. Our Comprehensive Service Plan includes service, labor, parts, bond media, and ink/toner – all at a reasonable monthly base fee! How much you pay depends on your specific usage. When you sign up for our Comprehensive Service Plan, we deliver your equipment, set it up, assist in basic installation, and provide basic training at no charge!

Cost per Copy: We also provide a cost per copy service. This means that we provide reliable equipment for you to use in your office and charge a small fee per copy. This can be a great option for small offices or those with a lower printing volume.

Automated Supply Ordering

Automation creates efficiency. This is where automated solutions come in. Perhaps you’re looking to streamline the ordering process for your printer supplies? Or maybe you’re looking to streamline the ordering process for your printer? Automating these processes reduces costs, reduces human error, and frees up your time to do what you do best. And what is not to love about a slick project billing system that frees up time from bean counting?

Worrying about your printers running out of toner, what inventory you have on site, or what you need to order for one or multiple devices? Through our simple process, we ship just what you need, just when you need, where you need it.

    • Automatic ordering, shipping, and delivery of your printer supplies
    • No mis-ordering of supplies
    • No early replacement
    • Insures that replacement toner is all branded, new toner.
    • Complete visibility on order status
    • Reduced supply costs
    • Eliminate excess in-house supply inventory
    • Better use of working capital
    • Reduce human error
    • Save time

Operator Training

You bought a printer or scanner, now what? At RPG we ensure that you fully know your equipment and how to properly use it. Learn the concepts behind the equipment and software, printing methods, and processes from certified and trained technicians.

One of the biggest hazards to new equipment is staff who have no idea how to correctly use it! Therefore, we always provide full operator training during every install. We also offer refresher training and training for any new hires.

Project Billing Systems

Remember that bean-counting we mentioned above? Escaping bookkeeping isn’t the only benefit of a project billing system; they can also simplify invoicing and improve cash flow.

Big printers need big ideas. Printing and billing requirements are different for companies that use large format printers. Extensive integration with both small MFPs and large format equipment, RPG is the complete print management and cost recovery solution for companies with complex printing environments.

    • Simplify invoicing
    • Improve cash flow
    • Measure profitability of contract projects
    • Support for planning, execution, and analysis