RPG CompleteIT

Managed Network

RPG offers RPG CompleteIT as a premier IT managed network solution. Get everything you need for secure, efficient, reliable IT. Your IT network is your lifeline. You use it to store everything from vital data and inventory to copies of digitized documents, drawings, and contracts. Most importantly, you use your IT network as a primary means of office and client communication.

In many ways, the IT network of a construction company is the central nervous system. You only work as productively as your IT network allows. Likewise, your IT network can only work productively if it is sound, secure, and well-maintained.

Finding the right solution for your business is key. RPG can customize a managed network solution for your specific needs and requirements.

RPG CompleteIT

Looking for an ideal solution for small to mid-sized businesses with extensive IT needs? Then RPG CompleteIT is the answer. It delivers all the IT features you’re accustomed to while freeing your company from the endless burden of capital investment and maintenance. Additionally, our platform combines the elements of SaaS (software as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service), and PaaS (Platform as a service) to form a streamlined IT solution. This means software, hardware, applications, security, storage, and help desk support are fully covered by its platform.

RPG CompleteIT is a truly comprehensive service for your company. With its cost model operating on a per-user, per-month basis, you will never pay for the IT services you don’t use.

Complete Infrastructure: Never worry again if you have the right infrastructure in place. Stop paying extraneous fees to keep it updated. All site and data center hardware, equipped with infrastructure and security software, backups, and ISP are covered.

Managed Network Services: IT is essential to a company’s success. RPG CompleteIT helps optimize your office’s technology with the managed services that it needs to succeed.

Managed Security: Best in class managed security suite including private cloud platform, DNS and content filtering, host-based IDS and 24×7 SOC, multi-factor authentication, email encryption, and employee cyber security training. DoD Contractors – RPG CompleteIT satisfies CMMC certification requirements. 

Support: 24x7x365 U.S.-based help desk and local onsite support.

Additional RPG CompleteIT benefits include…

✔ Network Security

✔ Lower Capital Spending

✔ Routine Maintenance

✔ Greater Efficiency in the Workplace

✔ Scalable Growth