Contex solutions are designed to meet your needs. We know that requirements vary depending on the types of documents you work with, so we have made sure that you can find a fit amongst a wide range of products. We can help you find just the right combination of speed, resolution and operational simplicity. Contex has solutions that include scan-to-file, scan-to-print or multi-functional capabilities. This makes Contex ideal for processing CAD drawings, plans, blueprints, maps, posters, artwork, books and so much more.

HD Ultra X

Contex Hd Ultra X
              hd ultra x

HD Ultra X is the new standard for wide format scanners. HD Ultra X was designed to meet the needs of technical experts, graphical professionals, archivists and repro departments. Whether you intend to scan maps, drawings, posters, newspapers or fine art, this scanner will always capture every detail exactly as you see it.

The HD Ultra X series is the most efficient and flexible large format scanners on the market. Especially for high-pace environments with the need of scans in the highest possible quality. Therefore, it is great for copy shops which make a living of delivering a great product in short time. But really, it can do almost anything.

    • EFFICIENT LIKE NO OTHER: With a top speed of 17.8 ips and size-flexibility, you save valuable time
    • ADAPTABLE TO YOUR WORKFLOW: HD Ultra X can adjust to almost any workflow
    • HIGH-QUALITY SCANS: Market leading image quality, CCD technology and 48-bit RAW data capture

HD Ultra X is the fastest collection of scanners we’ve ever made. With a top speed of up to 17.8 ips, you can increase your workflow tempo significantly. You can also switch between three different speed levels directly on the scanner’s intuitive touch panel. If speed doesn’t impress you, look at the width.

This series includes the world’s first 60-inch CCD scanner, but also comes in 36- and 42-inch widths. The size-flexibility, our Nextimage software and the unprecedented scan width gives you the flexibility to be smart and create a more efficient workflow.

With the HD Ultra X series, the total cost of ownership is reduced because we know how much it matters to you. With optimized LED lights, you don’t have to think about replacing the lamps. Nor do you have to worry about maintenance to the same extent as other large format scanners. Best of all, the glass is super-resistant to scratches and the paper handling design will prolong the life of your consumables.

This all adds up to the most efficient and flexible large format scanner series on the market.

IQ Quattro X

Contex Iq Quattro
           iq quattro x

The IQ Quattro X is a must have for every high-production environment – scan faster with with more precision in every pixel.

IQ Quattro X is the 5th generation of Contex CIS scanners, with enhanced speed and 3 times faster data transfer, the scanner is the essence of productivity.

    • FAST DATA TRANSFER FOR HIGH-RES SCANS: USB 3.0 implementation with xDTR3 technology is blisteringly fast
    • IMPROVED SCAN ACCURACY: Contex Live Alignment improves image alignment across sensors
    • FASTEST CIS SCANNER: Contex IQ Quattro X is the industry-leading scanner for technical digitization projects

IQ Quattro X is a must for every high-production environment. This scanner gives you super fast results combined with excellent image quality. It is recommended to engineering professionals for the production of high quality scans or copies of large GIS maps, site plans, engineering drawings, blueprints, architectural renderings and many other technical documents. The scanner is also ideal for copy shops.

With IQ Quattro X you can control the Nextimage software with our new Nextimage Remote app. The app saves valuable operator time by bringing all main functions essential for basic scanning and copying in front of the operator directly on the scanner.

IQ Quattro X also comes with Contex Live Alignment which is a new technology designed to ensure precise and sharp alignment all the time, no matter the speed.

IQ Quattro

Iq Quattro
              iq quattro

Scan faster in greater detail with IQ Quattro. Scan and collaborate with more precision in every pixel. Spend less time scanning and instead focus on what matters to you.

IQ Quattro scanners are ideal for project groups and professionals who demand a high-quality scanner with excellent scan performance. It could be a copy shop or people working in the repro market. IQ Quattro scanners are also ideal for technical documents. Scan documents and enhance your files in AutoCAD®, ESRI® and others and share through the cloud solution.

    • SCAN A0/E-SIZE IN UNDER 4 SECONDS: Increase productivity and concentrate on what matters to you
    • WORKS THE WAY YOU DO: Ethernet enabled to exploit the potential of your workgroup
    • HIGH-QUALITY SCANS & COPIES: CleanScan CIS modules help remove shadows created by creases and folds

IQ Quattro is the 4th generation of CIS scanners from Contex. It incorporates the latest technology to match the your ’ requirements for ever higher quality images, faster scan speeds and unrivalled ease of use.


Contex Sd One Mf
        contex sd one mf

Contex SD One MF delivers simplicity to the MFP. SD One MF is a new concept in MFP solutions. Centered around you, every user has a unique personal profile with their preferences stored, allowing you to email or save to your preferred folder or personal cloud in just one step.

The SD One MF is simply designed for organizations with the occasional need for a large-format scanner and possibly a scanner that can integrate with your large-format printer. Especially the personalized profiles make it really easy for your group of staff to work together.

The scanner was made for the enthusiasts with low volume needs. Were you looking for productivity? We have scanners for that too.

    • YOUR OWN PERSONAL PROFILE: Your settings are saved so you don’t have to set them twice
    • EASY TO USE: Intuitive design makes the series easy to operate
    • ADAPTS TO YOUR WORKFLOW: SD One MF is portable and will fit almost anywhere

SD One MF takes a new approach to large format scanning, focusing on you and how you work, while also pushing the boundaries of scanning technology. It is easy to set up and use, yet incredibly flexible, with options such as Wi-Fi, an intuitive and flexible touchscreen, extensive printer support, and stand options.

The SD One MF is a professional solution for small workgroups, companies and organizations who enjoy a modern work environment – and fewer trips to the copy shop.

SD One+

Contex Sd One
                 sd one+

SD One+ packs a huge amount of value into its lightweight range of scanners. With great accuracy and CIS technology, you can trust SD One+ gets the job done.

SD One+ makes in-house scanning easy and affordable, freeing you from the hassle of outsourcing. And because of the lightweight design, you can also take it with you when you are out of office. The ease of use makes it suitable for both entry-level and professionals.

The SD One+ fits well for enthusiasts with low-volume needs. Were you looking for productivity? We have scanners for that too.

    • FREE SOFTWARE: SD One+ scanners come with specialized software
    • ADAPTS TO YOUR WORKFLOW: SD One+ is portable and will fit almost anywhere
    • EASY TO USE: Intuitive design makes the series easy to operate

Your fully featured large format scanner. It’s compact and unobtrusive, yet has all the features you need.

The SD One+ is simply designed for everything from hobby level to organizations with the occasional need for a large format scanner. Whether you need to scan your construction plans, posters or have old documents that need archiving, SD One+ will do the job. Add Nextimage software to the equation and control your digitized scanning environment with the very best tools.

You want something easy to use? There is a control panel on the scanner for easy operation. You need a compact scanner to fit in your office? This is a flexible scanner which can operate on your desk or next to your chosen equipment on its optional stand.


Contex Iq Flex
               iq flex

IQ FLEX is a flatbed scanner to unleash your creativity. The IQ FLEX flatbed scanner is ideal for fragile originals, book scanning, textiles and artwork you would like to transform into digital content. Suitable for use by artists, colleges, designers, archivists, agencies, repro shops, textiles, furniture, construction and in engineering.

This flatbed scanner also works for architects, engineers and any other technical professional. Simply because it makes their workdays easier when handling large drawings and working with CAD.

    • WALK-UP & SCAN: Operate the entire scan process directly from the built-in controller
    • IDEAL FOR FRAGILE DOCUMENTS: Scan delicate originals by placing them gently on the glass plate and closing the top-lid
    • WI-FI ENABLED: IQ FLEX is the only Wi-Fi enabled large format flatbed scanner available today

The IQ FLEX is versatile with options for oversize documents, scan to print and also book scanning with page split and auto spine fold elimination. Mark-up documents as you scan and copy them directly from the touchscreen. Add a computer and award-winning Nextimage software to unleash the full potential of the scanner. This way you access more options with a larger selection of functionalities.

MFP Solutions

Contex Mfp Solutions
             mfp solutions

The most powerful MFP solutions for all large-format printers. An MFP solution from Contex can turn new and existing printers into copiers, giving you the flexibility you need without compromising on performance and versatility.

A large-format MFP solution is great for architects, engineers and construction workers that center a big part of their workflow around drawings, blueprints and being able to edit these. Contex MFP solutions fit any environment, like copying, printing and scanning in the office as well as in copy shops – everything from scan-to-file, scan-to-print or scanning a high volume of originals.

    • COMPATIBLE WITH 300+ PRINTERS: The MFP solutions are compatible with all the major printer brands out there
    • ADAPTABLE TO YOUR WORKFLOW: You can choose between placing the scanner on a high stand over your printer or in a side-by-side version
    • AWARD-WINNING SOFTWARE INCLUDED: You get the Nextimage 5 Repro license as part of the MFP bundle

Contex MFP solutions can help you elevate your workflow by creating an environment, where scanning and printing is easy, efficient and in great quality. No matter what kind of printer you have, what kind of office documents you need to scan – MFP solutions can help you get it.

With the Contex MFP solutions you get a full-featured solution for scanning, copying, sharing and enhancing. You get outstanding image quality, with real-time view of enhancements and automatic cleanup of faded, dirty, or poorly shaded documents.

ScanStation Pro

Contex Scanstation Pro
         scanstation pro

Boost your scan, copy and archiving productivity to get the best out of all your originals with ScanStation Pro. It’s the most productive scanner for scanning service professionals.

The ScanStation Pro solution is ideal for a professional setting. Having the computer, a touchscreen and best-in-class software as an integrated part of the scanner save you valuable time when scanning needs to be easy, fast and in high quality. You will mostly see the ScanStation Pro solution be used in a professional environment, where they need to digitize piles of documents on a daily basis or in copy shops where a flexible and efficient scanner solution is a must.

    • FULLY FEATURED SOFTWARE INCLUDED: Our award-winning software Nextimage 5 is included in the bundle
    • INCREASE EFFICIENCY BY MORE THAN 30%: All the ScanStation Pro features create a more productive environment
    • ADAPTABLE TO YOUR WORKFLOW: The ScanStation Pro solution can adjust to almost any workflow

ScanStation Pro is a truly professional solution. Only ScanStation Pro can give you quality like no other combined with the most efficient way to scan, copy, file or archive large-format documents on the market. With 30% more productivity than your current scanner setup can provide, you get an unmatched Return On Investment (ROI) with the ScanStation Pro solution.

Improved efficiency so you can take on more projects. End to end, no other scanner can compete with ScanStation Pro.