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Turn printers into copiers with an IQ Quattro X 36″ MFP Bundle.

An IQ Quattro X 36″ MFP solution from Contex can turn new and existing printers into copiers, giving you the flexibility you need without compromising on performance and versatility.

A large-format MFP solution is great for architects, engineers and construction workers that center a big part of their workflow around drawings, blueprints and being able to edit these. Contex MFP solutions fit any environment, like copying, printing and scanning in the office as well as in copy shops – everything from scan-to-file, scan-to-print or scanning a high volume of originals.

The IQ Quattro X 36″ MFP solution is compatible with all the major printer brands out there. You can choose between placing the scanner on a high stand over your printer or in a side-by-side version. You get the Nextimage 5 Repro license as part of the MFP bundle.

Contex MFP solutions can help you elevate your workflow by creating an environment, where scanning and printing is easy, efficient and in great quality. No matter what kind of printer you have, what kind of office documents you need to scan – Our MFP solutions can help you get it.

With the Contex MFP solutions you get a full-featured solution for scanning, copying, sharing and enhancing. You get outstanding image quality, with real-time view of enhancements and automatic cleanup of faded, dirty, or poorly shaded documents.

Built-in work group collaboration capabilities mean anyone can scan to email, scan to folder, and share the scanner with others.

Five Features You’ll Like
  1. Touchscreen: For your convenience, the MFP solution offers the choice of operating the touchscreen from the left or right side.
  2. Printer compatibility: MFP Repro solutions are compatible with all major printer brands.
  3. Supports popular file formats: You can work with all of the most used file formats like PDF, PDF/A, TIFF and JPG.
  4. Included drivers for popular operating systems: The MFP solutions support Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, 64-bit.
  5. Send scan to printers via network or USB: Nextimage REPRO includes free drivers for most HP, Canon, Océ, and Epson large format printers

Contex Quattro X TAA (Trade Agreements Act) compliant models are available.

Additional information

Weight 48.3 lbs
Dimensions 45.7 × 19.3 × 6.3 in

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