Leica BLK360 G2

Leica BLK360 G2

*New for 2022* –The Leica BLK360 G2 has arrived! Meet the next generation of laser scanners and capture a full scan with spherical images in only twenty seconds!

The Leica BLK360 G2 offers even more versatility, speed, and accuracy. It’s designed for a variety of industries with reality capture needs including construction, architecture, engineering, historical preservation, media, site surveying, and more.

Speed up your data capture – The BLK360 G2’s speed range is approximately 8 seconds for full spherical LDR image at any light conditions or approximately 20 seconds for full spherical 5-brackets HDR image at any light conditions.

Deliverables on your terms – The software ecosystem provides a seamless work transfer from AEC to VFX and VR. Capture the world around you with full-color panoramic images overlaid on a high-accuracy point cloud.

Ease of use – Its intuitive design makes it a user-friendly experience. Get started with a single push of a button. The BLK360 G2 is compact, ultra-lightweight, portable, and slightly smaller than the G1 model. Anyone who can navigate an iPad can now capture the world around them with high-resolution 3D panoramic images.

Transfer Data faster than ever –  The G2 features a new USG-C port that makes transferring data up to 9 times faster!

Interoperability. Fully compatible with the Leica Geosystems laser scanning field-to-finished software suite.

See the newbie in action:


The New BLK360 G2 package includes:

  • Leica BLK360 G2 Laser Scanner
  • Tripod
  • Transport case
  • Multi-charger
  • Battery (3 count)
  • USB Cable
  • Mission bag
  • One-year subscription to Leica Cyclone
  • One-year subscription to Leica Cyclone Register 360