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Leica Cyclone

RPG  provides a wide set of work process options for 3D laser scanning projects in engineering, surveying, construction, and related applications. The Leica family of products is a key part of the complete laser scanning solution. The various Cyclone modules take users from start to finish for every type of point cloud project.

Leica Cyclone

Leica Cyclone is the market-leading point cloud processing software. It is a family of software modules that provides the widest set of work process options for 3D laser scanning projects in engineering, surveying, construction and related applications.

For organizations that need to add point cloud data to their process, Leica Cyclone is the only solution that can create all of the deliverables you need and serve them to you seamlessly across your downstream products. Unlike other scanning providers, the Cyclone ecosystem efficiently delivers on the entire set of project requirements; which ensures your organization’s profitability.

The Cyclone family of products is a key part of the complete solution. The various Cyclone modules take users from start to finish for every type of point cloud project.

There are modules to take advantage of the unique Leica Geosystems laser scanners field data collection operations, such as traverse, back-sight and resection as well as Visual Inertial System (VIS) links created by the Leica RTC360 for rich survey-grade collection and registration of data. This includes wizard-like automation routines that do all the work for the user as well as the industry’s richest set of QA/QC and survey adjustment and analysis tools.

There are other modules dedicated to generating a vast array of deliverables from reports to maps and 3D models, movies/animations, and light weight 3D data formats that can be distributed freely over the web. These modules support a wide range of industries and workflows including civil engineering, as-built 3D models, topographic surveys, BIM models and much more.

Still others serve as your central source of truth, allowing you to connect the work of field teams and CAD technicians and create user communities to safeguard your data against misuse.

With the release of Leica Geosystems’ Universal Project file, LGS, users have total flexibility to exchange data from Cyclone between all Leica Geosystems laser scanning software, delivering your complete digital reality project data in a single file for all your collaboration and deliverable creation needs.

Leica Cyclone is comprised of individual software modules for different needs and for flexible product deployment:

Leica Cyclone Suite

Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE

Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE is a user-managed, on-premise project and data management solution for the reality capture market. Delivering a simplified enterprise-level management and collaboration platform, powered by Leica Geosystems’ JetStream technology, Cyclone ENTERPRISE facilitates:

Centralized Management: Control user and data management from a simple online, browser-based admin portal.

Seamless Integration: Interoperability with all major CAD products from Hexagon, Autodesk, Bentley, AVEVA, Dassault Systems and others via CloudWorx and JetStream powered technology, delivering rich reality capture-based feature extraction and analysis workflows.

Secure Project Access: Provide secure access to internal and external users on a per project basis. No data leaves the premise. Sessions are managed centrally and remotely. Provide access to users on a group, sub-group or project basis so you have confidence in the security of your data. Users gain safe, secure access from anywhere on any device.

Single Source of Truth: Eliminate redundant and duplicated data sources and enable a common project view thereby improving quality and productivity.

Simple Collaboration: View and edit GeoTags and assets created upstream plus add new Snapshots and Markups to communicate with other users working in the viewer or in CAD applications via Leica CloudWorx.

Web & Desktop Access: Access via desktop viewer and CAD as well as the no-install online viewer for quick viewing and collaboration from anywhere on any device. With Leica TruView built into the heart of the product, users can access their projects from anywhere, anytime on any device via the browser viewer or via the desktop viewer. This flexibility allows you to view projects, conduct simple data queries and more, while syncing any changes back to the project in real time.

Powered by JetStream: Cyclone ENTERPRISE harnesses the power of JetStream for efficient data compression, rapid visualization and powerful collaboration of complete projects. Cyclone ENTERPRISE is the heart of the JetStream ecosystem, allowing users to stream projects into dozens of products including TruView, Cyclone 3DR and third-party CAD packages like AutoCAD, Revit, BricsCAD and more through CloudWorx plugins. Cyclone ENTERPRISE enables cross-platform collaboration.

Leica TruView

Leica TruView is the industry leader for easily and intuitively sharing point cloud data, design models, mark-ups, and more. Leica TruView products are the smarter way for anyone in your project ecosystem to access, view, analyze and collaborate using digital reality data.

  • Share point cloud data via an intuitive, easy to use interface with no CAD or 3D skills required
  • Virtual, photo-realistic visits to project sites from anywhere, anytime
  • No plug-in required, accessible from any browser on any device
  • Secure access to your TruView site via user login to market your services
  • Users can view, pan, zoom, measure and markup
  • Simple yet effective back-end server administrator tools (for server versions)
  • Advanced, robust and modern back-end technology

Leica TruView is available as a free viewer extension to Cyclone ENTERPRISE or as a standalone data server for either Windows or cloud deployment:

Leica Truview Suite

Now, everyone who is part of your project ecosystem can access this important, dimensionally correct, photorealistic digital reality environment from anywhere, anytime on any device.

Leica Cyclone REGISTERCyclone REGISTER 360 and Cyclone REGISTER 360 (BLK Edition) customers wishing to access their data in TruView, TruView LIVE or TruView Enterprise should invest in a Cyclone PUBLISHER or PUBLISHER Pro license to publish directly to Cyclone ENTERPRISE of TruView Enterprise. Users can publish to TruView Cloud without as additional PUBLISHER license.

Leica CloudWorx

Leica CloudWorx CAD plugins allow users to work efficiently with large point clouds directly inside their chosen CAD system. They can use the native CAD tools and commands and the entire set of specialized point cloud commands provided by CloudWorx.

CloudWorx adds simple tools for viewing and working with slices of point cloud data to:

  • Speed up 2D drawing creation
  • 3D object and surface modelling
  • Enhance survey workflows
  • Improve as-built modelling
  • Simplify modelling in context

Powerful specific modelling and drafting tools enable:

  • As-built piping models and other 3D constructions,
  • 2D and 3D ground surface surveying and modelling and much more.

The Leica CloudWorx plug-ins are available for a wide array of applications:

Leica Cloudworx Suite

Utilize the performance speed, scale of project handling, and simplicity of features for deliverable-ready outputs with CloudWorx in all your favorite CAD Systems via Leica CloudWorx Ultimate.