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Leica Cyclone REGISTER is the gold standard for point cloud registration.

Leica Cyclone REGISTER is the industry’s most popular software for registering and geo-referencing laser scan data to coordinate system. Accurate registration and geo-referencing is a must for successful digital reality survey projects. Cyclone REGISTER is the most rigorous, complete, and productive software available for this project-critical process.

New to Cyclone REGISTER’s suite of features, Auto Registration automatically  detects matching surfaces in the overlap areas of scans and creates cloud-to-cloud constraints upon import. The user simply has to optimize the constraints to complete the registration process.


Available automation features, friendly wizards and powerful algorithms provide unsurpassed office productivity – even for very large data sets. Auto-alignment allows fast and automatic alignment of 3D laser scans at import or post-import. Users can also take advantage of registration options based on scan targets, scene features, overlapping points and/or survey control data to speed the registration process.


Cyclone REGISTER is the industry’s best and most reliable solution to register large data sets. Whether you are working with a handful of scans or many thousands, Cyclone REGISTER is equipped to handle the task. Cyclone REGISTER accepts data from all your point cloud and imaging sensors, too, with ease and lets you work with all your digital reality data simultaneously.


Cyclone REGISTER brings unparalleled simplicity to complex point cloud registrations. During or even post-import, users can improve their auto-alignment speeds and accuracies via SmartAlign by manually placing scans in their approximate positions or automatically connecting them by time captured or distance between scans. For users who prefer a graphical display of their data during registration, Visual Alignment allows them to position scans based on common geometry via an easily legible high-contract visualized point cloud. Cyclone REGISTER now supports publishing and consumption of Leica Geosystems universal digital reality file, the LGS file, for simple downstream use in TruView, JetStream and CloudWorx.

Cyclone REGISTER Includes:

• Perpetual license for Leica Cyclone REGISTER

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