2022’s Top 3 Construction Technology Innovations

Construction Technology has slowly, but steadily, grown to become an industry mainstay. As costs increase and manpower decreases, the demand for efficient solutions and tools is higher than ever.

We have compiled 2022’s top 3 construction technology innovations that empower you to tackle industry-wide challenges with real solutions while working smarter, not harder.

Reality Capture Number 1 Reality Capture Services

In the last several years 3D Laser Scanning has taken the construction industry by storm and revolutionized the way data is captured. In-Demand 3D Laser Scanners such as the Leica BLK360 and RTC360 have become popular options because of their ease of use, accuracy, and mobility. Contractors who have taken the 3D laser scanning leap report less rework and faster data capture.

Reality Capture Services take data capture to the next level – As in, off your plate entirely! A team of reality capture specialists arrive at your job site and conduct a 4-prong approach. The first step is scanning to collect the data using the right 3D laser scanner(s) for the job. Afterward, the data is extracted and a model is created using the client’s specifications. Then, the client receives a deliverable in their chosen format (Revit model, CAD drawing, etc). Lastly, is data storage. Large files can be difficult (and expensive) to store and maintain. However, hosting allows your project to remain secure on a collaborative platform that your entire team can access at any time.

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2. BricscadBricsCAD –

CAD software was a groundbreaker that helped usher in construction technology. Until recently, there weren’t many software options available. As a result, a lot of firms and end-users have felt confined to frequent subscription fee hikes with no user-friendly alternatives in sight. That is until BricsCAD made its debut as the most cost-effective CAD software on the market!

BricsCAD features DWG compatibility allowing users to open and save DWG files directly. The user experience and workflow are incredibly similar to the leading CAD software competitor. Most users feel comfortable navigating the platform in only a few hours. If you choose to make the switch, your current menus, scripts, and LISP routines will run without any changes. The flexible pricing model allows you to choose between long-term licensing or monthly subscriptions. You can even combine both. Whatever works for you!

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Rpg CompleteitRPG CompleteIT *powered by Avatara*

RPG CompleteIT is a cloud-based managed network solution. IT costs can be wildly unpredictable i.e. a budget nightmare. This platform takes out the guesswork by fulfilling all of your IT needs at a per month/per user cost. Your firm will get reliable IT infrastructure, unlimited file storage, 24/7/365 expert support, disaster recovery, and much more. A cybersecurity breach can turn a promising year into a bad one instantly. RPG CompleteIT alleviates these worries with industry-standard compliance on the most secure cloud platform available.

DoD contractors – The clock is ticking on getting CMMC certified to maintain your contracts! Luckily, RPG CompleteIT can help you satisfy CMMC certification requirements in as little as 30 days.

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