BLK360 vs. RTC360 White Paper

Take a comprehensive look at the BLK360 vs. RTC360.

Why scan? The short answer for why you should integrate 3D laser scanning into your workflow is simple: speed, accuracy, and consistency. 3D laser scanning enables a fast and accurate means of collecting millions of measurable data points in seconds to provide pinpoint accuracy, every time. The speed of 3D laser scanning will reduce the number of hours needed onsite. The accuracy reduces human error which prevents change orders and extra time onsite. All of this equates to more money in your pockets.

Scanning offers many benefits. Documents and current conditions are rarely accurate. Take a few scans onsite and you have current information at your fingertips. No more second guessing.

Now which scanner should you use? Both the BLK360 and the RTC360 are ‘the right tool for the job’. It just depends on what that job is. Schedule training or a demo with an RPG Reality Capture Specialist to see the scanners capabilities. No matter what we’re here to help and answer your questions. Contact us today.

Download the BLK360 vs. RTC360 White Paper to learn everything you need to know about the industry leading laser scanners.

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