What to Consider when Upgrading to the Cloud

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Is it time to make the switch to a Cloud Network?

Important factors for AEC companies to consider when upgrading to a Cloud-Based Network Solution.

The Cloud vs CAD

There’s been a recent surge of industry chatter regarding cloud services, in particular, cloud-based network infrastructure and apps for the AEC. Understandably, there’s a hint of hesitation over jumping head first into fully adopting a cloud-based network. After all, the typical AEC environment now involves running CAD applications and storing large files. Not to mention, the idea of completely overhauling your IT strategy can seem daunting and complicated. Enter RPG’s CompleteIT – A comprehensive Cloud solution with a variety of options for complex environments, including solutions with CAD in mind!

What does the migration process entail?

Last March, RPG decided to take the plunge and migrate to CompleteIT.  The preparation for migration was based upon our custom CompleteIT solution. We’re happy to report that the transition process went smoother than anticipated. While we did experience a few hours of downtime to get up and running, once migration was completed, a simple sign in process using the easy-to-follow instructions revealed a full upgrade of all software!

RPG has incredible peace of mind in knowing we are subscribed to the most secure private cloud network in the entire country with the crucial addition of disaster recovery. Our team now enjoys the benefit of full network accessibility from any device. Plus, if we do happen to run into a technical error or snafu, customer service is on standby 24/7 via email and phone to quickly resolve it.  Now, instead of focusing on the endless needs that arise with a traditional IT network setup, we can focus on growing our business!

The Size of your Firm

Is your company medium or large in size? If so, you may find RPG’s CompleteIT to be hugely beneficial to your bottom line. The financial benefit of RPG’s CompleteIT comes from its subscription-based pay model.  Your firm will only pay for the IT network you use on a per user, per month basis. This keeps costs affordable and streamlined. You’ll never have to be concerned with the extraneous expenses and investments associated with hardware and software. Plus, consolidating your IT network needs can take a lot off of your already full plate!

Meeting a variety of IT Network Needs

We already mentioned that RPG’s CompleteIT is the pinnacle in cloud-based security, but there’s several other perks that set it apart. Hiring on more staff quickly or opening a new branch? Not a problem for RPG’s CompleteIT. Its Scalability means whether you are growing or downsizing, your business needs are always met. The workflow advantages of RPG’s CompleteIT come from its mobility, truly making it a productivity gamechanger. Each member of your team will be able to access the full network in their environment from any device, thus improving communication, collaboration, and response!

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