Laser Scanning Case Study

How RPG Squarefoot Solutions and Mason & Hanger used 3D Laser Scanning to stay on schedule during COVID-19 restrictions.

Struggling to keep pace with project schedules, and encountering labor shortages, Mason & Hanger (M&H), a Day & Zimmermann Company, dedicated to providing architectural and engineering services, specializing in the worldwide design of secure, mission-driven facilities, accepted RPG Squarefoot Solution’s (RPG) suggestion to utilize 3D laser scanning to capture the data that they needed. On their projects they were using several people with traditional data capture methods (tape measurer, pencil, and paper) to capture site data. For a previous project that involved measuring a pipeline within a fire suppression system inside a tunnel that they had limited on site access to, they brought in RPG to consult and train onsite using the Leica RTC360, Leica BLK360, and Lecia Cyclone suite of software. At RPG, their trained personnel understand the importance of accurate data collection. Therefore, they offer both 3D scanning and post-processing services, training, and consulting. Their reality capture specialists have worked on a wide range of projects. From historic preservation and renovation, to new construction and building inspections – they’ve tackled it!

With RPG’s assistance, M&H completed their initial tunnel project well ahead of schedule. This allowed their team to use the Leica RTC360 on an additional project. They were already experiencing how laser scanning saved time. With the added obstacle of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were convinced that laser scanning was a tool they needed to streamline their operations and ensure their team’s safety. M&H purchased a Leica RTC360 and accessories, and accompanying Leica Cyclone software suite.

Project Specifications


United States Military Facility


37,000 Square Feet

4 Floors, Attic & Crawl Space

315 Setups & 2.14 Billion Points


2x Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner

1x Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner

Time Onsite

15 Hours

Time Post-Processing

6 Hours


Digital Twin

Virtual Walk Through to Assess Existing Conditions

LGS File

3D Point Cloud Data


Many construction projects have been delayed, and some canceled, because of the impact of COVID-19. The pandemic is slowing projects down, causing delay and disruption, even if only because subcontractors cannot get onsite to access existing conditions to submit proper bids. Many states have issued travel bans which leaves companies having to rely on out of date floor plans in order to bid on projects. Once sites reopen this can result in costly delays and numerous change orders. How can subcontractors accurately bid without accessing the site?

M&H designed a building and before the construction contractors can bid, contractors need to visit the site. Since they cannot physically visit the site due to the pandemic restrictions, they will need to receive an alternative option for review.


RPG partnered with M&H to go onsite and capture accurate data to share with the client, contractors, and subcontractors. We captured existing conditions in point cloud and 360° photos to enable firms to bid on the renovation project without having to send crews onsite to evaluate. This data will also be used for verifying existing conditions against previous plans.

This was a large project with only 2 days of site access. To best utilize our resources RPG brought their RTC360 and BLK360, and M&H brought their RTC360. The job was divided into smaller sections (per floor and area) to allow for easier processing. The BLK360 was needed to capture details in the smaller areas, including the attic and crawl space.

An LGS file and virtual walkthrough was sent to bidding contractors.

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