Construction Information Management

It is often said that time is money in the world of construction, and for good reason. Competition is fierce, and the pressure to deliver quality results on time can be intense. This is especially the case here in the DC area; the construction business is booming! Choosing the right professional services can make all the difference in making sure you stay on time, and on budget.


Construction Scanning Services

RPG provides Construction Scanning services for every aspect and phase of construction. 3D laser scanning and drone data capture is proving itself invaluable to the success of today’s fast-paced and technically challenging projects. RPG can provide the information on existing building conditions with the accuracy needed for construction planning and quality assurance.


Device Monitoring & Management

Nobody knows plotting and printing equipment better than RPG. If you need assistance with your plotter, MFP system, copier or printer, we’re here to help. Need someone trained and certified to operate and maintain the equipment? RPG has that covered too. We handle service, repair, training, preventative maintenance, and more!


On-Site Facilities Management

Running a facility can be kind of like keeping a machine of many moving, and increasingly-complicated parts working. There’s always something to take care of. Businesses who need frequent, ongoing printing and technology services know this struggle well. Working with an outside vendor can become time-consuming and costly, so what is the best solution here?


Document Services & Data Management

For a business to successfully run, it is critical that all necessary documents are accessible the moment they are needed. However, finding the perfect management system for your needs can waste endless manpower and business dollars. Whether you need hard copy files converted into electronic images to be stored in a secure web-based system, or graphics, RPG has you covered.


Professional Services

Today’s world requires a new approach to implementing processes, technologies, and skill sets. Equally important, the organizational culture must be re-energized, revitalized, and able to leverage the latest technologies. We bring cutting edge technology to the table. Our expertise includes 3D laser scanning and drone data capture. Our ability to help drive performance, compliance and proficiency in your environment enables you to be more efficient.

RPG provides quality professional services to office and construction industries all over the United States. We develop and communicate in strategic terms what technologies will benefit your organization.

Whether you are looking for on-site management solutions to service contracts and IT Network management, we’re on-board to remain your full support. Our goal is to help your business grow. Browse our catalog to learn more about the Professional Services we offer.

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