Reality Capture Data: How RPG Captures, Processes, Manages & Delivers

Reality Capture Data

Reality Capture Data experts know that capturing data is just one step in the process. Processing, managing, and delivering data are part of the workflow. The processing and producing of CAD and other deliverables can sometimes be the most time-consuming parts, therefore RPG has invested in lidar scanning equipment and software. We created a rental program to provide clients access to hardware and software that best fits their projects needs, deliverables, and business model. Our fleet includes a number BLK360s, RTC360s and BLK3Ds, all of which we use in our reality capture services. Given these successes RPG has tailored solutions that reduce costs and saves time for our clients.

Project Specifications


320 2nd Street, Laurel MD 20707


10,041 Square Feet

1st Level of Garage

117 Setups & 15 billion Points


1x Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner

1x Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner

Time Onsite

4 Days

Time Post-Processing

2 Days


LGS & RCP Point Cloud

Registration Report

2D Plan Set

REVIT model


The challenges of scanning the historic building, which is RPG’s headquarters, went beyond the building itself. The office is located in a heavy traffic, highly congested area. RPG opted for capturing exterior conditions using the RTC360, given the scale of the building, its complexities, and the client’s timeframe and deliverables. We used a blend of the RTC360 and the BLK360 for capturing the interior. The deliverables requested by the client included standard 2D CAD information of floor plans, elevations, and a REVIT model.


The RPG team registered all scans using Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360. This allowed the team to split the registration into logical parts and combine them to generate a final master data set. The client required access to data for the project at any given time. To generate the deliverables, the team utilized Leica Cyclone Enterprise, a streamlined and centralized project platform to access data over internal and external networks. Using this simplified point cloud access the client could import and render full density point cloud data in real time within their preferred CAD application and share viewer files with other parties needing access to the project information.

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