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Keep your workers safe and accountable. Jobsites can be chaotic and dangerous places for everyone involved. Accidents are all too common, and theft is shockingly prevalent. Implementing security and safety measures prevents theft and mitigates risk.

This is where we come in. Our services are intended to create an atmosphere of organization, safe production, and accountability. A well-managed team not only increases productivity, it also increases cost-effectiveness and mitigates risk. Ensure a safe and secure environment before they walk through the door or step onto the jobsite.

Reduce jobsite risk with the power of Artificial Intelligence

Minimize risk across all of your projects with safety observations, safety monitoring and predictive analytics while aggregating all sources of photo and video content into one system powered by AI.

Platform modules are built on a foundation that includes AI Engine, Vinnie, who is trained to find indicators of project risk in the areas of safety, productivity and quality. Vinnie’s observations create objective dashboards and reports that rank each project based on potential safety risk. has several pre-built integrations with construction systems like Autodesk BIM 360, Procore, Oracle Aconex, OxBlue site cameras, StructionSite, Box and more.

SAFETY SUITE’s Safety Suite brings together the best of human and artificial intelligence into a single platform through separate modules for observations, monitoring, and predictive analytics. The platform reduces incident rates across all of your projects by enabling a Predictive-Based Safety approach.

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  • Safety Observations Module: Safety Observations is an easy-to-use field system for project teams, safety teams, and executives. It places observations at the center of risk calculations, which has shown to reduce incident rates by 30% through the documentation of both positive and negative jobsite behaviors and conditions. Unlike checklist-based systems, an observations-based approach involves the entire project team in the shared responsibility of safety and supports programs where observations are turned into teachable moments.
  • Safety Monitoring Module: Project conditions are changing constantly, and Safety Monitoring helps safety managers and executives identify up-to-date risk conditions and where to focus each week. Vinnie, the construction-trained AI, works like a “virtual safety manager”, automatically detecting safety hazards on jobsites, creating dashboards and a safety risk assessment report that enables cross-project benchmarking for leading risk indicators from PPE to workers at height, to ladders by type, slip trip and fall hazards and more.
  • Predictive Analytics Module: Predictive Analytics enables teams to continuously reduce risk by proactively identifying high risk projects through an Incident Early Warning System. Trained on massive amounts of historical project data and incident reports, this construction-specific AI model analyzes data from the Safety Monitoring module and other sources to predict safety incidents. Predictive analytics models are built for each customer and specifically tuned for their sources of data and types of construction.

Temperature Scanning Kiosk

Temperature Scanning Kiosk

The Temperature Scanning Kiosk features check-in and temperature verification capabilities. The solution can also be programmed for facial identification, with users easily added in a few short clicks. Designed to help protect the health and safety of both employees and guests by preventing anyone with a temperature from entering a facility. Alarms can be added to sound when those above the temperature threshold and those with access attempt to enter.

✔ Freestanding & Countertop Options

✔ Digital Signage Integration

✔ Supports Detection & Tracking of Multiple People at the Same Time

✔ Facial Recognition Library up to 30,000 People

✔ Battery Powered Available

✔ Temperature Accuracy ≤ ± 0.5°C

✔ Temperature Range 10°C – 42°C

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Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Jobsite theft is a major problem in the construction industry. It seems to be an unfortunate truism that “if it isn’t nailed down, someone will steal it”. It’s not hard to figure out why either.  Jobsites are busy places. Depending on the job, you can have contractors who in turn hire subcontractors, who then hire other contractors. And before you know it, you have a quickly changing workforce that’s hard to track. Add to that ever-changing and increasingly expensive construction technology, and your average jobsite looks very attractive to thieves.

Jobsite theft can be the epitome of low-risk, high-reward. The National Equipment Register estimates that somewhere between $300 million and $1 billion dollars’ worth of equipment is stolen per year. The costs to construction company owners don’t just stop with the cost of the stolen equipment either. Replacement rentals, loss of productivity, and schedule delays can all result in further costs. Furthermore, construction companies who experience theft also typically see their insurance premiums rise. It’s a lose-lose scenario for everyone but the thieves.

RPG can help keep your workers on track with Asset Tracking. Like our device monitoring services, RPG Asset Tracking uses RFID tags and GPS to monitor your workforce. This enables you to keep track of your equipment as much or as little as you would like. We offer both active and passive tracking options. Our Asset Tracking technology additionally allows you to monitor staff movements and locate someone quickly in case of emergency. Our priority is your security and safety.

Safety Gear

Safety Gear

There is nothing more important than your worker’s security and safety. However, greater pressure does more in less time and all too often leads to stress, and as a result, greater potential for injury. Is it any wonder that there are around 150,000 construction accidents annually? Construction sites can be dangerous places to work, and the potential for injury is already higher than in most other workplaces.

Therefore, maintaining safety standards, especially regarding safety gear is so essential.

We at RPG provide a wide variety of ANSI compliant high visibility safety gear. We have options for all weather types and seasons. You can find them in our eStore. Purchase individual items or buy in bulk! Even more, we even provide customization with logos or text.

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