We have migrated to CompleteIT

Another Successful Migration!

In an effort to streamline our IT needs, RPG recently migrated to CompleteIT a few months ago. We’re happy to report the transition went better than expected! To give some insight on what our migration process was like: with only a few hours of downtime to get up and running, the adjustment period was painless. The 24 hour IT help desk customer service is consistently responsive, friendly and knowledgeable. There are no hard-to-navigate applications or programs required.

After the migration was complete, a simple sign in process, using the easy to follow instructions provided, revealed a full upgrade of all software! Our internet service and load times are now much faster. With data breaches popping up everywhere, keeping your company’s data protected is more crucial than ever. CompleteIT is the most secure private cloud in the country. When you choose CompleteIT you are also choosing enterprise level anti-malware, anti-spam, active monitoring, intrusion detections, and more key security measures. Additionally, CompleteIT offers incredible peace of mind via full disaster recovery. Stay protected and have a safety net!

Best of all, instead of focusing on IT, we can focus on growing our business!

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