How Digital Twins Impact the Construction Industry

What is a Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin is an exact copy of a physical object or process in digital/virtual form. Creating a digital twin involves a collaborative effort between any or all of the following: IoT (Internet of Things), reality capture, software integration, and artificial intelligence. The result is a structural tool the AEC industry can use to determine the current, potential, and future state of the original object. Digital Twins have the power to transform a standard 3D model from a mere visualization to reality.

How Digital Twins Impact the Construction Industry

Simply put, Digital Twins make the BIM process smarter; Streamline your project by adding accurate, key data to a 3D model such as the current position and condition of a building or object. This in turn can create a more valuable deliverable to enhance the bidding process and entice current and prospective clients.

Get as close to predicting the future as possible. Through the use of AI (artificial intelligence) programs, Digital Twins can continuously update as a project progresses in real time. This not only elevates field to office communication, it also makes it much easier to avoid costly errors during a project’s progress and allows for the overall improvement of productivity. In the case of restoration or preservation projects, a digital twin can be the crucial element that makes it a true success.

A Digital Twin Use Case

Recently, RPG’s Professional Services team worked with Mason and Hanger on a special project during COVID-19 restrictions. A Digital Twin was included as a deliverable for this project. Read more about this case study here.

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