Solutionix 3D scanners provide highly accurate and detailed 3D measurement data. Using Blue LED scanning technology and high resolution twin-cameras, enojy a fast and easy-to-use experience. Solutionix's  fully automated 3D scanning solutions are ideal for both small and medium sized objects. The Solutionix line of industrial 3D scanners deliver utmost precision for the finest details and unparalleled speed. Our selection Solutionix 3D scanners provide high accuracy, resolution, and user friendliness for an enjoyable scanning experience. Solutionix proves why 3D scanning does not need to be difficult. With a single mouse click, users can quickly and easily scan a whole object. Another click to actively synchronize the model and camera views, enabling users to recognize any scanning position and to add more scan when necessary. Above all, Solutionix is precise, flexible and convenient.

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