Leica BLK360

The Leica BLK360 3D Imaging Scanner is a true reality capture breakthrough. It combines a 3D laser scanner, spherical imaging system and thermographic panaorama sensor system. The Leica BLK360 allows you to capture the world around you with the single push of a button. The results are impressive. Full dome 360° x 300° HDR panoramic images overlaid on a highly accurate point cloud. All of this in less than 3 minutes. When creating the Leica BLK360, simplicity and portability were factors. The goal: create the smallest and lightest scanner of its kind. The BLK360 is ideal for architects, renovation/remodel, building construction, crash scene, and shop refurbishment applications. Additionally, 3D visualization gives you the ability to plan and see how future improvements will affect your project area. Easily customize and streamline your workflow by introducing a 3D laser scanner. Finally, partner with software, including Cyclone REGISTER 360, Cyclone JetStream and Cyclone TruView, to save time and cut costs!