TRI120 Tripod



Take your BLK3D to new heights with the TRI120 Tripod.

The Leica TRI120 Tripod is a compact and stable tripod for Leica laser instruments. Its legs have four sections that you can be extend and retract to provide flexible length and allow easy storage and transport. Each leg section can also be locked to set the tripod to any desired height. It features a flat head with 1/4-20 threading that can accommodate most lasers. The Leica TRI120 Tripod is made of sturdy material and is built to withstand harsh construction and outdoor jobsite conditions.

TRI120 Tripod Highlights:

• Extendable, four-section legs

• Twist-lock locking system

• Flat head with 1/4-20 threading

• Compact and sturdy

• Easy to store and carry

• Compatible with Leica BLK3D, DISTO X3 and X4

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14.11 × 8.06 × 6.07 in

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