Leica Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER



Leica Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER is your entry to the JetStream ecosystem.

Leica Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER lets you take advantage of the full capabilities of both JetStream Enterprise and the lightweight, free JetStream Viewer depending on you and your client’s needs.

Whether you want to harness the speed of JetStream within your preferred CAD system via a CloudWorx plugin and CloudWorx Ultimate license or simply want to leave behind a simple-to-navigate point cloud to wow a prospective client, Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER is your route to JetStream — the industry’s fastest point cloud renderer.

Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER allows you to publish your point cloud data directly to your JetStream Enterprise data server from Cyclone or Cyclone REGISTER 360 or as a JetStream Viewer file (.jsv). A single Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER license can be leveraged non-concurrently by all your data creation software.


JetStream is the fastest and most flexible point cloud rendering solution on the market. Render all your data all the time no matter how you chose to deploy it.


Take advantage of all JetStream Configurations with Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER:

• JetStream Enterprise and the CloudWorx Plugins — an Enterprise-level server solution to stream point clouds directly into your favorite CAD systems.

• JetStream Viewer — a locally installed, standalone viewer that lets you harness visualization and measurement tools with your JetStream license without taking up a productive seat used by a CloudWorx plugin.

• JetStream Viewer Portable — a free, no-install viewer. Package on a thumb drive and run from any PC, no network or WiFi access required. Leverage most of the Viewer’s capabilities in a go-anywhere package that can be navigated by even the most inexperienced point cloud user.

Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER Includes:

• 1 year subscription to Leica Cyclone JetStream PUBLISHER

If your order contains Software or a Software Package you will receive a separate email with download and licensing instructions for your software purchase within 3-4 business days.

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