BLK360 vs. RTC360 White Paper

Take a comprehensive look at the BLK360 vs. RTC360.

Why scan? The short answer for why you should integrate 3D laser scanning into your workflow is simple: speed, accuracy, and consistency. 3D laser scanning enables a fast and accurate means of collecting millions of measurable data points in seconds to provide pinpoint accuracy, every time. The speed of 3D laser scanning will reduce the number of hours needed onsite. The accuracy reduces human error which prevents change orders and extra time onsite. All of this equates to more money in your pockets.

Scanning offers many benefits. Documents and current conditions are rarely accurate. Take a few scans onsite and you have current information at your fingertips. No more second guessing.

Now which scanner should you use? Both the BLK360 and the RTC360 are ‘the right tool for the job’. It just depends on what that job is. Schedule training or a demo with an RPG Reality Capture Specialist to see the scanners capabilities. No matter what we’re here to help and answer your questions. Contact us today.

Download the BLK360 vs. RTC360 White Paper to learn everything you need to know about the industry leading laser scanners.

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Meet the CMMC

Have you heard about the new interim rule recently announced by the DoD?

Remember your old friend NIST SP 800-171? These are the security requirements that government contractors and their subcontractors have been following since 2003. The CMMC was recently created to enhance this already existing compliance in conjunction with the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) requirements.

What this means for you is that if you don’t get certified, your organization’s DoD contract work is on the the line.

Download the guide to learn Everything you should do to effectively prepare for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

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Need some guidance? This all may sound daunting, so let’s end on some good news. RPG has a plan of attack in place. With our RPG CompleteIT platform, DoD contractors and subcontractors can get Level-3-compliant in just 30 – 60 days. We’re even working with approved auditors to secure an economy of scale package for our clients.

All this to say, don’t worry; success is  accessible to all. With RPG by your side, you’ve go this! Email to begin CMMC assessment preparation today.

How Digital Twins Impact the Construction Industry

What is a Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin is an exact copy of a physical object or process in digital/virtual form. Creating a digital twin involves a collaborative effort between any or all of the following: IoT (Internet of Things), reality capture, software integration, and artificial intelligence. The result is a structural tool the AEC industry can use to determine the current, potential, and future state of the original object. Digital Twins have the power to transform a standard 3D model from a mere visualization to reality.

How Digital Twins Impact the Construction Industry

Simply put, Digital Twins make the BIM process smarter; Streamline your project by adding accurate, key data to a 3D model such as the current position and condition of a building or object. This in turn can create a more valuable deliverable to enhance the bidding process and entice current and prospective clients.

Get as close to predicting the future as possible. Through the use of AI (artificial intelligence) programs, Digital Twins can continuously update as a project progresses in real time. This not only elevates field to office communication, it also makes it much easier to avoid costly errors during a project’s progress and allows for the overall improvement of productivity. In the case of restoration or preservation projects, a digital twin can be the crucial element that makes it a true success.

A Digital Twin Use Case

Recently, RPG’s Professional Services team worked with Mason and Hanger on a special project during COVID-19 restrictions. A Digital Twin was included as a deliverable for this project. Read more about this case study here.

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Laser Scanning Case Study

How RPG Squarefoot Solutions and Mason & Hanger used 3D Laser Scanning to stay on schedule during COVID-19 restrictions.

Struggling to keep pace with project schedules, and encountering labor shortages, Mason & Hanger (M&H), a Day & Zimmermann Company, dedicated to providing architectural and engineering services, specializing in the worldwide design of secure, mission-driven facilities, accepted RPG Squarefoot Solution’s (RPG) suggestion to utilize 3D laser scanning to capture the data that they needed. On their projects they were using several people with traditional data capture methods (tape measurer, pencil, and paper) to capture site data. For a previous project that involved measuring a pipeline within a fire suppression system inside a tunnel that they had limited on site access to, they brought in RPG to consult and train onsite using the Leica RTC360, Leica BLK360, and Lecia Cyclone suite of software. At RPG, their trained personnel understand the importance of accurate data collection. Therefore, they offer both 3D scanning and post-processing services, training, and consulting. Their reality capture specialists have worked on a wide range of projects. From historic preservation and renovation, to new construction and building inspections – they’ve tackled it!

With RPG’s assistance, M&H completed their initial tunnel project well ahead of schedule. This allowed their team to use the Leica RTC360 on an additional project. They were already experiencing how laser scanning saved time. With the added obstacle of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were convinced that laser scanning was a tool they needed to streamline their operations and ensure their team’s safety. M&H purchased a Leica RTC360 and accessories, and accompanying Leica Cyclone software suite.

Project Specifications


United States Military Facility


37,000 Square Feet

4 Floors, Attic & Crawl Space

315 Setups & 2.14 Billion Points


2x Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner

1x Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner

Time Onsite

15 Hours

Time Post-Processing

6 Hours


Digital Twin

Virtual Walk Through to Assess Existing Conditions

LGS File

3D Point Cloud Data


Many construction projects have been delayed, and some canceled, because of the impact of COVID-19. The pandemic is slowing projects down, causing delay and disruption, even if only because subcontractors cannot get onsite to access existing conditions to submit proper bids. Many states have issued travel bans which leaves companies having to rely on out of date floor plans in order to bid on projects. Once sites reopen this can result in costly delays and numerous change orders. How can subcontractors accurately bid without accessing the site?

M&H designed a building and before the construction contractors can bid, contractors need to visit the site. Since they cannot physically visit the site due to the pandemic restrictions, they will need to receive an alternative option for review.


RPG partnered with M&H to go onsite and capture accurate data to share with the client, contractors, and subcontractors. We captured existing conditions in point cloud and 360° photos to enable firms to bid on the renovation project without having to send crews onsite to evaluate. This data will also be used for verifying existing conditions against previous plans.

This was a large project with only 2 days of site access. To best utilize our resources RPG brought their RTC360 and BLK360, and M&H brought their RTC360. The job was divided into smaller sections (per floor and area) to allow for easier processing. The BLK360 was needed to capture details in the smaller areas, including the attic and crawl space.

An LGS file and virtual walkthrough was sent to bidding contractors.

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Top 4 Reasons Why the HP PageWide XL might be a Good Fit for your Company

As of April 2019, RPG Squarefoot Solutions has officially been named an HP Platinum Elite partner. Small but mighty, we are the smallest company to be awarded this exclusive status. In partnership with HP, we have provided wide format printing solutions to a variety of firms within the AEC industry. Our reach has extended both nationally and internationally. In 2018, we successfully delivered and installed a fleet of HP Pagewide XL’s to Germany.

At the close of last year, RPG accepted an award from HP for Top Pagewide XL sales in the United States during 2018.

What sets RPG apart as an HP partner? Our unique sales approach goes well beyond the purchase. We work with each company to discover their current and anticipated production needs. From that information, we determine an HP solution that is a perfect fit for their environment. After the purchase is complete, we are committed to making certain our customers remain satisfied with their purchase and our service.

On November 12, 2018, RPG Squarefoot Solutions proudly accepted an award from HP for Top PageWide XL Sales in the United States during 2018! Talk about a pleasant way to conclude a productive, busy year! As a recognized premiere HP partner, we are dedicated to providing premiere HP plotter solutions to a variety of firms in the construction, architecture, and engineering industries.

As of 2019, RPG Squarefoot Solutions has officially been named an HP Platinum Elite partner. To date, we are the smallest company to be awarded this exclusive status. In partnership with HP, we have provided wide format printing solutions to

In 2018, we expanded our reach on a global level! We seized an exciting opportunity to go international, delivering a fleet of PageWide XLs to Germany.  PageWide XL continues to lead the charge as the fastest large-format printer on the market with the potential to cut your current production costs in half. Selling large-format equipment is not our only strong suit when it comes to HP.

In addition to providing HP Wide Format plotters for sales and lease, we also provide service. RPG’s team of trained and certified technicians are available to provide routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs. Additionally, RPG is a leading provider of premium ink, paper, and other supplies.

Now that 2019 has arrived, RPG looks forward to continued success in offering our customers the wide format solution that perfectly fits their production needs! Additionally, we have branched out to include a variety of Construction Technology based services and solutions including: 3D Laser Scanning, mobile jobsite solutions, reality capture, Cloud-based IT, vault services, software, and more!

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You can also take a virtual tour of a Pagewide XL from your mobile device! To get the app, simply search for HP PageWide XL Virtual Demo App on the Apple store or Google play and download. On the app you can view the full line of HP PageWide XL printers and explore their features and functions

3 HP Software Solutions to Benefit your Workflow

HP Has several Software solutions available to improve your workflow.  Each are designed specifically for wide format printing devices including: DesignJet T series, Z series, and PageWide XL. Get to know the function and purpose of each software option, including their potential to boost your productivity and help you achieve more:

HP SmartStream – Plan ahead  and work efficiently with HP SmartStream

SmartStream is your go-to job preparation and processing software and the perfect production companion to your wide format printer!  It works with any HP PageWide XL or HP DesignJet Production model. SmartStream’s intuitive, user-friendly interface makes tackling all types of print jobs simple and painless. Cut your production time in half, swiftly organize your files, and reduce re-prints by using the Preflight Manager and Adobe PDF Print Engine. Best of all, it’s easy to set up and use on multiple workstations, printers, and hot folders. HP SmartStream is the perfect tool to keep production on the ball!

Hp SmartTracker – Keep your printing costs on budget with HP SmartTracker

SmartTracker is a comprehensive, robust tracking and reporting software. It works with multiple PageWide XL and DesignJet printers to track and consolidate your printing data into concise reports. Ditch the data entry and generate reports on the fly or on a schedule convenient for you. Integrate SmartTracker with your accounting software to save even more time. For a more simplified workflow, use it to assign print jobs to users and manage projects. SmartTracker is your ticket to accurate, consistent reporting, controlled print costs, and automated data management!

HP Click – Make designing and printing super easy with HP Click.

HP Click is a 100% FREE app for designing and printing on your HP PageWide XL or DesignJet production printer. Click is named for its ability to do one-click printing. However, there’s many more features within the app to produce an array of applications including: CAD drawings, posters, banners, and more. With a variety of templates available, you can drag, drop, and edit with ease. Already have your design ready to go? Use Click to resize, check the PDF for errors, alter alignment, or update orientation. If your PDF has multiple pages, Click enables you to drag and drop the entire document.  If you currently own a HP DesignJet or HP PageWide XL production printer, Contact us to download HP Click and give it a test drive!

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Do you have questions about HP Wide Format printers? CLICK HERE to check them out and download the data sheets for the complete list of specs.

Upgrade to a New HP DesignJet!

Check Out the New HP DesignJet Devices

The New HP DesignJet devices are game changing with security, productivity, and quality in mind. Whether you need of a small, yet mighty plotter or an all-in-one complete wide format solution, there is a new HP DesignJet for every office size and work environment.

The HP DesignJet XL 3600 (you heard that right –  DesignJet XL!) has the durabilityHp Designjet Xl 3600 Dual Roll Postscript Multifunction Printer and reliability to keep up with even the most demanding workloads. Cut down on waiting for print jobs to finish with the fastest first page out in a mere 29 seconds! Built with a robust and compact design, it’s a great fit for virtually every office. Do you have security concerns or are you need of a secure printing environment? the HP DesignJet XL 3600 is the world’s newest most secure large-format printer available on the market.

Hp Designjet T2600 MfpThe new HP DesignJet T2600 is designed for collaborating with ease. Radical simplicity is the name of the game with features that include: an easy-to-use interface with HP Click, an accessible shared folder for teams to work efficiently, and easy printing from a cloud environment with the optional HP Smart app. The stacker provides high speeds, while still providing a quality product. Best of all, the DesignJet T2600 is among the world’s most secure large-format printers. It’s features include: secure user authentication and the JetAdvantage Security Manager.

The new HP DesignJet T1600 is compactly designed to make your workflows Hp Designjet T1600 Dual Roll Postscript Printersimple, productive, and secure. Choose one or two roll media capacity! Features like HP Click and the integrated automatic print stacking of up to 100 pages keeps you working smarter. The DesignJet T1600 is among the elite. It is a secure large-format printer with HP Secure Boot and whitelisting, secure user authentication, and the JetAdvantage Security Manager.

Hp Designjet T525The DesignJet T525 and T530 are space-saving, budget friendly, and personal plotters. Though they are small, they are mighty! The HP Smart App makes printing from your smartphone a breeze, while the HP Poster Web app makes designing amazing creations simple. Get color matching results with the built-in A3/A4 tray. Need work fast? Connect and print immediately with WiFi capabilities.

The DesignJet T130 is the ultimate space-saver. As one of HP’s most affordable Hp Designjet T130plotters, you won’t break the budget. Like the T500 series, you get color matching results with the built-in A3/A4 tray. Additionally, connect to WiFi and print immediately.

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BLK360 Case Study: Arcadis Utilizes RPG’s Rental Program

How RPG’s Rental Program Helped Arcadis to Collect Accurate Measurements and Reduce Errors

Why Choose RPG?

When the time came to explore the option of renting a Leica BLK360 for their project, Arcadis found that the RPG rental program provided the most comprehensive package with all necessary peripherals and software to get started. Arcadis also discovered the pricing to be competitive and the program itself to be flexible. RPG seamlessly worked with the Arcadis legal team to develop terms the company could accept. Arcadis reports the rental package provided, including RPG’s BLK360 User Guide, was in excellent condition and enabled Arcadis to quickly get started.

Who is Arcadis?

Arcadis is the leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets. Applying their deep market sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services, they work in partnership with their clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes throughout the life cycle of their natural and built assets. They are 27,000 people active in over 70 countries dedicated to improving the quality of life.

Why Choose the BLK360?

A Process Designer at Arcadis learned about the BLK360 during a BIM training. Another engineer saw a demonstration at a digital boot camp program. Although Arcadis owns several scanners, their purpose is surveying and unlike the BLK360, they do not provide colored point cloud data. In addition to its accuracy, a star feature that attracted them to the BLK360 was its ease of use. Despite being first time users, engineers who completed scans with the BLK360 found it to be user-friendly, with the added help of RPG’s Professional Services team.

Project Overview

Arcadis tackled a challenging wastewater treatment plant project that involved the routing of several large pipes through an area that was already heavily crowded. The pipes were mainly being routed via underground tunnels, posing another obstacle. Due to these challenges, there was a sizable risk of collecting unreliable dimensions, overlooking crucial details, and making several time consuming trips to the field as a result. Arcadis needed an accurate and efficient solution to design around the existing facilities, while avoiding design conflicts

Project Goals

The primary goal Arcadis set out to achieve with the BLK360 was to avoid any interference by comparing the newly modeled pipe to the point cloud data generated by the BLK360. Additional benefits include:

      • Collect accurate measurements and reduce the risk of errors due to inaccessible areas within the project site.
      • Improve overall efficiency by avoiding repeated trips to the field.
      • Use point cloud data as a reference point to gather additional information as needed.

To view the phases of this project and results, read the entire Arcadis Case Study.

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